We are all in need of recipes to use up leftovers.
I hate cleaning out the fridge (but not nearly as much as the bathroom) because it’s such a chore.

I toss out any expired food or drinks that I might have been missed at the end of every month.

This is an even more difficult task with the smaller fridge that we keep in the garage. Food definitely gets forgotten out there and rots. How awful!

In my need to feel like I’m not wasting money, I’ve discovered a few tried-and-true recipes that help us eat those leftovers instead of wasting them!

Now, I can actually PLAN to use them as one of our meals or in one of our future meal plans when I freeze it. Victory!!

Don’t waste those leftover meals and food! Use these recipes to use up leftovers and save that money.

Throwing out food is wasting your money. Don’t waste that precious food when you have these easy leftover recipe ideas.

recipes to use up leftovers
recipes to use up leftovers

Steps To Keep Your Leftovers Organized

  1. Made too much of a meal and you know it’s not going to be eaten? Go ahead and freeze it.
  2. 2. If you have a frozen leftover meal, add it to a recipes to use up leftovers list so you can include it in your future meal plans.
  3. Freeze it flat! Flat plastic bags makes them easy to store. Label the bottom for easy viewing of contents.
  4. Make an “Eat Me Now” Box! Add a clear box to your fridge with a sign that says “Eat Me Now”! That way your family will know that these items should be scavenged first.
  5. Label It! When you put an item in the fridge or freezer, label when the expiration date is or when you should toss it if it’s a home made meal. Use a sticky note on plastic containers, freezer tape or keep a Sharpie marker handy for quicker labeling.

Plan your meals and plan your recipes to use up leftovers to save even more money and time.

By using up leftovers you’ll stop wasting food, which saves you money.

AND I bet you’ll even have a few new delicious meals to rotate through your weekly routine!

It can be easy when you use these easy leftover recipe ideas.

YOUR TURN: What recipes to use up leftovers are you going to plan? Let me know in the comments below!

recipes to use up leftovers
25 Recipes That Will Help You Use Up Leftovers