A weekly Meal Plan Template can make such a big difference when you are feeling overwhelmed by the simple task of getting dinner on the table.

You can download my free weekly meal plan template right here, but I suggest that you also read through the tips for how to save money when you meal plan in order to be the most successful.

If you are a mom with kids running around the house, or even just a dog running around the house, then you know getting dinner on the table is anything but an easy task.

It’s easy just to pop a frozen pizza in the oven, or hit the drive-thru when everyone is screaming they’re hungry, and nothing is in the oven yet.

However, with a little planning with my free weekly meal plan template, you’ll be making your meals at home without all the hassle!

Here is how to build the ultimate weekly meal plan template so you’ll start to save money on your weekly meals.

weekly meal plan template

Set Your Spending

The first thing you need to do when creating your weekly meal plan template is to decide your spending.

How much money are you going to spend on groceries for the week?

Depending on the recipes you choose, your groceries could bust your budget.

If you do your grocery shopping weekly, divide your grocery budget up by week so you can see how much you have to work with.

If you are unsure what number to use, start by looking at your previous month of grocery spending and use this as a guideline.

weekly meal plan template

Evaluate Your Eating Out Habits

It might sound silly to look at your eating out habits when the goal is to keep you home each night. But completing these meal planning templates can be the key to keeping you from eating out!

Think about when you eat out. Do you usually order pizza every week? Or Chinese food on Fridays? This will give you some insight on the foods your family “splurges” for so you can better prepare your meal plan to include them.

Don’t forget to include them on your free weekly meal plan template.

If you order pizza regularly, plan a pizza night and make homemade pizza instead. We’ve made easy pizza’s using English muffins and tortillas as a fun alternative to the usual pizza dough.

Planning ahead will help resist the urge to order pizza and give your family something to look forward to.

weekly meal plan template

Look At Your Stockpile

The first place to start when planning your meals is your stockpile!

When I’m making my meal plan, I aim to make at least 2-3 meals from just the items in my pantry and fridge.

I start writing those ideas on my simple weekly meal plan template printables and that helps to get the meal making forces going in my brain.

I also take into consideration when things will expire. If we have produce left to eat, I make sure to use it in meals made early in the week. That ensures the produce items don’t go bad before we eat them.

This is one thing about an awesome weekly meal plan template. It helps you to use what you have so it doesn’t go to waste or expire in the back of your pantry.

Here are some tips to help you build a nice stockpile in your pantry.

weekly meal plan template

Look At Sales Flyers

Nearly every grocery store website has a weekly ad available for your store’s location.

These sales are going to be where you save the most money and can help you identify the best buys this week.

After you’ve exhausted your pantry, fridge, and freezer, this is where you should look next in order to spend the least amount on your groceries.

Check to see if there are any coupons that correspond to the deals you want to get to save even more money.

weekly meal plan template

Make Your Meal Plan

Now it’s time to bring out your meal planning template and get started! Start your list with my simple weekly meal plan template printables.

Remember to keep your cookbooks and recipes handy to also make your grocery list for items you don’t have on hand.

Reference your recipes frequently to see which recipes match what’s on sale or items that can be bought with coupons. Use these to build your meal plan. I use the Supercook website for recipes that include sale items in them to keep our food cost the lowest.

I’ll even color code the type of recipes with different colored pens on my free weekly meal plan template! This way I’ll always know what kind of meal I’m making. Don’t forget to leave the code on your paper too! Mom brain happens often to me too.

weekly meal plan template

Plan Your Meal Plan Around Busy Nights

After you’ve decided which meals you’ll be having, it’s time to assign them a day. Try to plan six meals a week and dedicate one day to leftovers.

Make sure you have printed plenty of these simple weekly meal plan template printables. I screw the first one up every time!

Typically, our leftover night is at the end of the week after all the other recipes have been cooked. Sometimes we identify “leftover night” for our busiest night to make it easy.

Make sure you aren’t planning complicated meals on the nights when you are busy. Intentionally schedule easy meals for those nights.

I utilize my crock pot on busy nights. Check out all the slow cooker recipes I’ve found in Pinterest!

Having an awesome weekly meal plan template is one thing that has helped us tremendously with our food budget.

As you can see, meal planning doesn’t have to be that hard! You can get started with my free weekly meal plan template!

Where most people struggle with their meal plan is by making it too hard or spending too much time with the little details. That is why you need an awesome weekly meal plan template!

Get your plan on paper by using the weekly meal plan template and commit to making the meals you plan.

You’ll see how much of a difference meal planning will make in your grocery budget and everyday life too.


YOUR TURN: What is your biggest struggle with following a meal plan? Does a weekly meal plan template help? Let me know in the comments below!

weekly meal plan template
How To Build The Ultimate Weekly Meal Plan Template (Free Download)