Meal planning can be an overwhelming process if you aren’t sure where to start.

If you’re feeling clueless when it comes to the groceries you’re bringing home, you’re in good company.

Many people end up spending much more money than they need to because they lack in their planning skills.

Even if you know what you’re cooking that night, who knows if your family will actually eat anything.

With a little help from me, you’ll be sure to meal plan at your best and have your family’s stomachs full and happy. Read on to hear how to make a meal plan your family will actually eat.

Involve Your Kids

It’s no secret that little ones can be the pickiest eaters of all.

By involving your kids in the meal planning process, they will be much more likely to eat what you’re making for them.

Start by asking your children what they would like for dinner that week and work from there.

You may even be able to dress up their choices to make them a little more adult or healthier for them to eat.

Perhaps you’ll inspire your kids to help with the preparation of your meal when they know what they have to look forward to eating.

You could even make a chart to indicate whose turn it is to pick a special dinner for the week.

Stick With Family Favorites

Meal planning doesn’t have to mean new food every single night.

While that way of doing things can be fun, you’re more likely to get your family to eat your cooking when you already know what they like.

If everyone is a fan of taco Tuesday, consider that and make a Mexican fiesta each week.

Try making a note of your family’s favorite meals and alternate each one depending on the day or week.

Keep Things Simple

Remember to include certain staples in your weekly grocery list.

If you get too crazy with your meal choices, you run the risk of your family being too afraid to try anything.

Staples like bread, pasta, and soups are always a crowd pleaser and are the very definition of keeping things simple.

Your family will thank you for having those simple staples on hand, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you can quickly whip up a new meal at any moment.

Use The Weather To Your Advantage

You’re probably wondering what weather has to do with meal planning.

It’s simple. Is it cold outside? If so, your family would probably enjoy something hot and cozy to fill their bellies.

Soup or a nice casserole would be the perfect choice on a day like that one.

Pick meals based on what the weather is going to be like to accommodate your family’s needs.

For instance, Summer is a great time to add fresh fruit and something chilled to your family’s diet.

Not only are they more likely to eat what you give them, but they will also feel satisfied and refreshed.

Rate Your Meals

Have your spouse or children use a rating method after each dinner you eat.

You could even keep a journal with stickers that your kids could use to mark their favorite meals.

By doing this, you’ll know right off the bat which meals are higher on everyone’s list.

It will be easy as pie to pick which meals your family will be eating that week.

Like I stated before, involving your family in the meal process in any way, can only lead to good things and smiling faces.

Leftovers Are Your Friend

You’ve already chosen meals that your family likes, right?

So, make them in bulk! Bulk batches are the easiest way to save your money and also keep your family on board with your meal planning efforts.

Plan on having a leftover night each week.

This way, your family is eating a meal that you know they are fans of, but you’ll also be doing a favor for your wallet!

Meal planning doesn’t have to be a complicated mess. In fact, it can be incredibly easy when you involve your family in the whole process.

Find what works for you and your loved ones and stick to a plan.

By using my tips, you’ll be sure to please your family and create a meal plan that saves your stress, time, and money!


YOUR TURN: What does healthy meal mean to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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Meal planning doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be incredibly easy when you involve your family in the whole process.