From shopping online to determining if  Amazon Prime is a good deal for your family. These articles will help you better manage your money so you get more, even though you are spending less (crazy neat, right?!).

App of the Week: Mint.com Personal Finance

~ App of the Week ~ Mint.com Personal Finance For my family, the first step to getting our finances in order was learning exactly what we were spending our money on.  The road to financial success starts with analysis.  Mint.com can help you know exactly where all...

App of the Week: Several Travel Apps for Vacation Assistance

~ It's time for the App of the Week! ~ And this week we have several of them to help make your Vacation Easier! When we were on our way home from my sisters wedding in VA (back in February), we started driving, hoping to make it 600-700 miles in the first day of the...

App of the Week: Plugged In!

~ It's time for the App of the Week! ~ Plugged In! The Plugged In App shines a light on the world of popular entertainment. Focus on the Family's new Plugged In app offers instant access to movie, game, DVD, TV and music reviews via your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android...


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