Every day there is something in our home that requires cleaning, and as a result, we use up a lot of cleaning solutions and supplies.

Those dusters, wipes, and sprays cost a LOT and since they don’t last forever it’s a vicious cycle that can waste money.

Here are some frugal tips that will allow you to stretch your cleaning solutions and supplies to the max and save you some money every single month.

Measure Out Your Detergents

It can be very tempting when you are cleaning dishes or doing another excessive load of laundry to just haphazardly pour in the approximate amount of detergent. Especially when you are in a rush and want to continue to the next obligation.

By taking a few seconds to measure cleaning solutions you can avoid over pouring.

Because even the slightest over pour can add up to quite a bit after a week worth of laundry and dishes.

Keep in mind that you should pour just enough according to the size of the load.

That means you do not use the same amount of cleaner for a dishwasher full of large pans that are taking up space as you would for a whole load of dirty dishes.

Stick To Your List

You walk down the aisle to get to the spices, and on that same aisle, you pass all the snack food. I don’t know what it is about certain aisles, but I know if I go down them I will end up putting something that’s not on my list in the shopping cart.

One of the biggest busters in your grocery budget is impulse purchases!

If you can’t fight the temptations in the store, then an online order pickup or some other method is probably best for you.

Be strict and follow your grocery list. Plan for situations when you are allowed to stray a little. For example, clearance bins when you have coupons that match. This will not only make it easy to avoid those impulses, but you’ll have a plan to combat them.

Sticking to your lists will also help when you have to take the family shopping. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t go in the cart.

It may be hard, but you can do it. Some stores even have a no candy checkout lane too. Use it! That’s another way how to save money on groceries!

Reduce The Amount Of Dish Soap

A little bit of dish soap can go a long way. And there are some easy ways to cut back on the amount of dish soap being used to clean dishes in the sink.

Purchase a cheap pump soap dispenser or olive oil bottle. Continually fill the container with the soap instead of squeezing it directly out of the bottle. This method will limit the amount being dispensed.

When we made this little tiny change I found that we used HALF as much soap. Everyone seems to wash their hands in the kitchen and when they are, they are using more soap then really needed… not intentionally, but just because the flow of the container is too generous (and that’s because they want you to use more, so that you will ultimately, BUY MORE!)

Do yourself a favor and switch your kitchen sink soap dispenser to one that has a better-controlled flow nozzle. You’ll be amazed at how this saves you in cleaning solutions in the long run.

Use Sponges

Instead of reaching for a paper towel, for your spill emergencies or cleaning needs, use a cloth or sponge. It can be costly to purchase rolls of paper towels every month especially when some of them can range in price according to durability.

At our house, we have different levels of spills. A gross, disgusting spill (such as cat vomit or pee/poo) requires paper towels. But most any other spill can be cleaned up with the use of a sponge.

And because they can be reused, you’ll watch the money stay in your pocket by just washing your dirty sponges.

There are a few ways to rewash a sponge.

  1. The easiest way to clean your sponge is simply to stick them in your dishwasher and run them with the dishes. The hot water will sterilize them. This is what I do with my sponges every day.
  2. Let it soak at least five minutes in a solution of a three-quarter cup of bleach in one gallon of water. After soaking it just rinse and let dry. Always squeeze the water out of a sponge and let air dry when you are not using it to prevent mildew.
  3. If you don’t have bleach on hand, you could use vinegar instead. Soak the sponge in the vinegar for five minutes, squeeze and then let it dry.

Over time the sponge will start to break down and have to be replaced, but these methods should help you save money by reusing them instead of throwing paper towels away.

Cut Sponges In Half

Let your sponge go twice as far by using only half of the sponge at a time. Take a pair of scissors and cut your sponge directly down the middle.

You will save money by having to replace sponges less frequently.

This is also an excellent idea if you are recruiting multiple children to help clean your home because you can receive twice the amount of work with just the one sponge.

Spray Cleaner Onto Cloth

Instead of spraying cleaning solutions onto a surface, get into the habit of spraying them directly onto the cloth you are using to wipe.

Overall you will use less cleaning solutions, thereby saving you money.

Add Water To Cleaning Solutions

When you have a cleaning product that is getting low don’t just toss it away.

Use the last little bit in the container by mixing some water into the solution.

Yes, it will dilute the chemical but because cleaning products are very concentrated it will work just as well for all your cleaning needs.

I do this with all my cleaning supplies as well as condiments. If you can squeeze just one extra use out of each bottle it adds up over time!

Get More Than One Use Outta Things

Not everyone uses a Swiffer, but if you happen to, don’t just throw away the Swiffer sheets out after a couple uses.

First, you can use both sides of the Swiffer sheet, just flip it over and get twice the amount of work done.

Invest in a cheap mesh bag to help clean your Swiffer sheets and mop heads. You can find mesh bags at the dollar store. Just secure them within the bag and toss it into the washer and dryer on a delicate setting. This is a great way to get the most out of your Swiffer products.

Also, once you’ve gotten ample use out of the Swiffer Sheets and you have to throw them away, you can replace them with an old pair of socks. I’ve found those work just as good!

I use my dryer sheets several times before I throw them away. First, I cut them in half so I get double the use out of them. Then after they come out of the dryer, did you know there are more than 35 uses for a used dryer sheet? Don’t let them go to waste!

When cleaning your home try to incorporate some of these tips, if not all of them, into your daily routine. You will save some extra money every week and adopt more functional cleaning habits. Cleaning is a never ending task that can become costly. Stretch your cleaning solutions and supplies to the max and save some money every month.


YOUR TURN: What’s the first thing you are going to implement from this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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Cleaning is a neverending task that can become costly. Stretch your cleaning supplies to the max and save some money every month with these tips! #savingmoney #springcleaning #truecouponing #savemoney #truecleaning