FREE Adorable Spring Planner Stickers

Spring flowers are something that can brighten up your week or month inside your planner at anytime.

And these FREE planner stickers are just too cute to pass up! Simple click, print, and start your planning fun.

This is the heavy weight label paper that my daughter Annabelle and I use to print our stickers on for our Happy Planner.

Here’s a video from 2016 of how I plan out my week to make it more productive:



Here’s a summary of what I mention in the video to help you have a successful week:

  1. Brain dump everything you have to do for the week on one piece of paper. Get it ALL out of your head.
  2. Now write the day of the week next to each item as you look at your week to decide which day you are going to get things done.
  3. Every day write out each thing you need to do to check it all off.
  4. For each task that you DO NOT complete, you circle it and write it on your next day’s list.

Yes, this means you are rewriting tasks each day, and that’s GOOD because it gets it out of your head

These are the resources mentioned in the video:

Sparkly Washi Tape
• Super Thin Washi Tape for making lines
Heidi Swapp Daily Journaling Sheets
Happy Planner Mom’s Life Stickers
Happy Planner hole punch for your calendar
Happy Planner “Forever Busy” List pad
• Dru Cortez designs tons of FREE Planner Pages to print directly from her site. She’s one of my favorite resources!