As a Christian, I feel like should celebrate Easter more than Christmas.

The resurrection of Jesus is THE defining point of our faith. Celebrate Easter in the fact that Christ rose from the grave and death was defeated.

However, our culture doesn’t feel the same way.

We celebrate the weeks leading up to Christmas (which I love doing also), yet we really only give one special day to celebrate the Ressurection.

In the same way that I find ways to spend less on Christmas, I have found that you can also have an enjoyable and memorable Easter without having to spend a ton of money!

So I’ve found some frugal Easter basket ideas that will keep you from spending a ton of money this spring.

And, I’ll share my best frugal Easter ideas so you don’t have to stress about money.

Plus, I’ll show you how to get the best kids Easter outfits for church for your money.

Here is how you can celebrate Easter on a tight budget.

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Make Your Own Easter Egg Dye

Unless you happened to remember to buy another egg dye kit while they were on clearance last year, you could be stuck paying high prices for those Easter egg dyes when you celebrate Easter this spring. The truth is that you probably have everything you need to dye your Easter eggs right in your cupboard for these frugal Easter ideas!

Instead of buying an egg dye kit, use food coloring and some vinegar! Check out the directions here!


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All you need is one tablespoon of food coloring, and mix it with at least two teaspoons of vinegar. Put them in cups, and you’re ready to dye some eggs!

Pull out the stickers and white crayons to add some fun personalization to those eggs!

There is no reason to have the “official egg dying kit”.

You can even color your Deviled Eggs! Check out this fun video I made!

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Tell The True Story Of The Easter

This Easter Garden is a simple and beautiful reminder of the true meaning when you celebrate Easter. It’s also a fun project to do with your kids.

You’ll need to plan ahead slightly because the grass takes about a week to spout.

Get a shallow dish, potting soil, rocks, and grass seeds to make this adorable garden.

Then on Good Friday, put a little lego Jesus inside and slide rock to seal the tomb.

On Sunday the tomb is EMPTY! For He has Risen! He is Risen indeed!

Check out the directions for how to make this Easter Garden.

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Keep Your Easter Baskets Simple

You don’t have to have an over the top Easter basket for you to celebrate Easter!

You can still put together a simple and affordable basket with these frugal Easter basket ideas.

Start by shopping at the dollar tree for your supplies or shopping yard sales for cheap baskets.

Pick a few useful items for your basket that mean something, then add in a staple chocolate bunny!

You could also associate the colors of items inside the basket to signify the True Meaning Of Easter like this:

  • Green is like the palms that lay upon the ground for Jesus’ Parade (Green Easter Grass)
  • Purple reminds me of the time that Jesus shared a meal of bread and wine with his friends. (Purple Plastic Eggs)
  • Red reminds me it is true, that Jesus loves us so much he died for me and you. (Red Plastic Eggs)
  • Brown is as dark as inside a cave, which reminds us of the sad place of Jesus’ grave (Chocolate Easter Bunny)
  • White is the angel bright who gladly said: “He is Risen!” (Stuffed Animal Lamb or Marshmallow Treat)
  • Yellow matches the bright shining sun, reminding us of all God has done! (Yellow Peeps or Yellow Bouncy Balls)

Another fun and useful option for an Easter basket is to put fun things inside something you’ll use again such as using a beach pail as the “basket” filled with towels, shovels, etc.

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Use Coupons And Sales

In the weeks leading up to celebrate Easter, there will be a ton of high-value coupons and great sales out for candy, and Easter dinner essentials.

Use the coupons to your advantage and store sales to help you plan for your frugal Easter dinner. You can also look for more frugal Easter ideas to make your dinner great but stay under budget.

Plan around these coupons and sales to make your Easter celebration cost a lot less.

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Shop After-Valentine’s-Day Sales

It’s easy to find candy on clearance after Valentine’s Day that can be used inside your Easter baskets!

You’ll still have a bunch of delicious candy, but it will cost so much less!

Each year, stores will clearance their Valentine’s Day candy to get rid of it before Easter. And the candy isn’t even expired yet!

So take advantage of these sales by stocking up on baking supplies, candy, and other goodies you can use to celebrate Easter.

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Get Savvy With Your Easter Outfit

If you are looking forward to dressing up for Easter, you can still enjoy it without spending a lot of money in order to celebrate Easter.

If you are looking to buy a spiffy new outfit, skip the retail stores and look at thrift stores and consignment shops for your kids’ Easter outfits for church.

Right before Easter, you should be able to find your Easter dresses for a fraction of the cost.


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Remember, these outfits were probably only worn one day out of the year, so purchasing them at a consignment shop is a great option.

Truthfully the best time to look for Easter dresses is during the summer clearance events, or after Easter on the clearance racks. But that means you had to be prepared for almost a year in advance.

A final note on Easter clothing that I will leave you with is this: Easter outfits are such a small part of the whole holiday. Hence, if you are looking to pinch pennies this Easter really, skip the outfit and put your money elsewhere.

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Remember The Real Reason You’re Celebrating

In the hustle and bustle of the season, it can be easy to forget about the real reason there is an Easter holiday at all.

Keep this in mind when planning to celebrate Easter, and don’t forget about the whole reason you are working so hard for this holiday in the first place.

If you don’t go all out, or spend a lot of money, it can still be a significant day in your house.

For a super simple decoration, download and print this FREE Easter Banner!

There is no need to waste a ton of money to celebrate Easter.

Whether you are celebrating on a tight budget because you have to, or because you want to put more money toward a savings goal this year, keep Easter simple and fun with these money-saving tips.

I hope these frugal Easter basket ideas that will keep you from spending a ton of money this spring.

And, these best frugal Easter ideas will help you to not stress about money.

Plus, these best kids’ Easter outfits for church ideas will help you get the best outfits for your money.

You can celebrate Easter and not blow your budget or go into debt!

Happy Easter!


YOUR TURN: How did you celebrate Easter as a kid yourself? What was your favorite part? Let me know in the comments below!

celebrate easter
Celebrating Easter doesn\'t have to drain your bank account! Use these frugal Easter ideas and money-saving tips to make these best Easter ever! Plus, learn how to get the best kids Easter outfits for church. And, use these frugal Easter basket ideas to save more money!