A cold has been running through our house for the past few weeks and we all were in need of some shower bombs made with essential oils.

You see, we needed to feel better and fast.

This cold had wreaked havoc on our energy and our nerves.

Never heard of shower bombs? They are these fabulous little things are made with 3 basic ingredients you probably already have on hand in your pantry.

You add them to your shower and it releases all of the essential oils into the air so it clears your head and sinuses. It starts helping you feel better, and of course, the warm shower does too!

But since we all needed these shower bombs, I couldn’t afford to pay full price for them at the store. They can be expensive at almost $1 a piece or more!

Plus, I wanted to make sure they were natural and made with pure essential oils. I try not to add more chemicals to our lives especially when I make something.


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Also, I needed an easy recipe so I could remake them any time a cold or flu bug hit. And, I found it!

These shower bombs are so easy to make and they work great at clearing your head!

So do you want to make some too? Here is what you are going to need to make your own shower bombs!

shower bombs

Ingredients & Supplies:

Here are the supplies and ingredients you’ll need to make these soothing shower bombs:

  • 1 Cup Baking Soda
  • 1/2 Cup Citric Acid (found in the canning section at any grocery store or Walmart)
  • 1/4 Cup Cornstarch
  • 25 Drops Eucalyptus Essential oils (I use the Young Living brand because of their purity promise)
  • 25 Drops Peppermint Essential oils (I use the Young Living brand because of their purity promise)
  • 20 Drops Lavender Essential oils (I use the Young Living brand because of their purity promise)
  • 4 Teaspoon Distilled or Reverse Osmosis Water, used ONE teaspoon at a time until it can be molded in your hand
  • Mini-Muffin pan (or Silicone Mini-Muffin Mold like I used)
  • Mini-Muffin liners
  • Food coloring (optional)
shower bombs


First mix together the baking soda, citric acid and cornstarch.

I think it’s fun to think about the size differences and the amounts of each ingredient used.

1 Cup Baking Soda, 1/2 Cup Citric Acid, and then 1/4 Cup Cornstarch.

That’s a full cup, half of that and then half of that. Easy to remember, right?

shower bombs

Then drop in the essential oils and mix thoroughly.

I like to use a fork to thoroughly mix my oils into the power.

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, this is adding a liquid to your shower bombs so make sure you mix them really well to combine.

shower bombs

Add the water 1 Teaspoon at a time while rapidly stirring to minimize the bubbling reaction.

shower bombs

Keep adding 1 Teaspoon of water at a time and mixing rapidly minimizing the bubbling until you can mold the mixture in your hand and it stays.

Next let’s add some color!

shower bombs

Next, add the ONE drop of food coloring (yes, that is all I used and it made my entire mixture a soft shade of blue) and mix really well to combine to incorporate the color throughout the mixture.

IMPORTANT: Even if you do not add food coloring, you still need to mix the powder for about a minute to minimize the bubbling reaction later. (just trust me, the mixture is going to bubble up in the mold later, if you mix it a little longer right now, it will bubble less later.)

shower bombs

Place mini cupcake liners in your mold.

Scoop 1 Teaspoon of the shower bomb mixture into each liner and press firmly with the back of the teaspoon or your fingers.

Add more of the shower bomb mixture and continue to press down the mixture to create a relatively flat surface.

Pay particular attention to pushing down the edges because it is going to bubble up as it dries.

Set your mold aside to dry at room temperature for a few hours.

shower bombs

While they’re sitting, you’ll notice that they start to bubble up.

They will now look like little cupcakes instead of concave wonky muffins.

They are gonna look so cute!

shower bombs

To Store:

Once dry and hard, remove each tablet from the mold, then store in airtight container to keep in your bathroom or medicine cabinet.

You could take them out of the liner, but I usually take the liner off right before I use them in the shower.

shower bombs

To Use:

Simply put one dried bomb on the bottom of the shower floor while you shower.

Do not put it directly in the water stream, it will disintegrate too quickly with direct water.

Instead, make sure the shower bomb is indirectly getting hit with occasional splashes of water.

While these shower bombs should be strong enough, if you would like a stronger scent, simply add a few more drops of each essential oil directly on the top of the tablet. It will simply absorb right in and release more scent when you use them.

shower bombs

What’s It Cost?

To make 20 mini-muffin size shower bombs it will cost you:

  • 1 Cup Baking Soda = 32¢
  • 1/2 Cup Citric Acid = $1.58
  • 1/4 Cup Cornstarch = 20¢
  • 25 Drops Eucalyptus Essential oils (I use the Young Living brand because of their purity promise)
  • 25 Drops Peppermint Essential oils (I use the Young Living brand because of their purity promise)
  • 20 Drops Lavender Essential oils (I use the Young Living brand because of their purity promise)
  • 4 Teaspoons Distilled or Reverse Osmosis Water = $0
  • Mini-Muffin liners = $6 for 150 liners = 4¢ each (20 liners = 80¢)

Total Cost = $2.90 for 20 Shower Bombs which is 15¢ each (compared to $7 for an 8-count at Walmart which is 88¢ each)

This cost does not include the cost of your muffin pan (or silicone mold), the optional food coloring, nor the Essential Oils.

If you were to use Young Living brand essential oils then they would add $4.93 to the total, making the total cost $7.93 which is 40¢ each shower bomb. That is still less expensive than the ones at Walmart and you are using premium Essential Oils!
(Eucalyptus Globulus 5¢/drop = $1.31, Peppermint 8¢/drop = $1.92, Lavender 9¢/drop = $1.70)

Can you believe how easy these shower bombs are to make?

Now, you can quickly make them anytime a cold or flu hits your house so you’ll feel better asap.

They are also natural and made with pure essential oils. That makes this momma happy!


YOUR TURN: What other essential oils would you add to your shower bombs? Let me know in the comments below!

shower bombs

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Has a cold hit your house? Make these shower bombs with essential oils to clear your head! They work great and are so much cheaper to make! #truemoneysaver #diy #colds #essentialoils #showerbomb #feelbetter