When it comes to visiting the most magical place on earth, your Disney Magic Kingdom tickets are probably going to be one of the top most expensive parts of your trip.

Park tickets can sometimes run guests anywhere from $600 or more depending on how many are in your party and how many days you will be visiting.

When planning your Walt Disney World vacation, you want to make sure you can save as much money as possible so you’ll have plenty to use in the parks.

This guide will show some tricks to save money on Disney Magic Kingdom tickets.

disney magic kingdom tickets

Buy Your Disney Magic Kingdom Tickets Early

Disney raises its ticket prices about once or twice a year (in fact, they JUST raised the rate this month).

As soon as you know what day you’ll be starting your vacation, start by getting your Disney Magic Kingdom tickets.

The earlier you can get your tickets, the better off you will be.

disney magic kingdom tickets

Skip The Add-Ons

If you go online or in person to purchase Disney Magic Kingdom tickets to any of the parks, you’ll see options for several add-ons. The most common add-ons are for a “Park Hopper” or an extra day at the Disney Water Parks.

The Park Hopper option will allow you to “hop” over to another Disney Parks in the same day.


Create A Plan For Your Money

These FREE Budgeting Spreadsheets will help you keep a pulse on your money (from the palm of your hand).

The Water Park Fun option gives you access to the two water parks and several other places.

If you are on a budget and looking to save money on your tickets, skip these add-ons and get the base ticket with no frills. You’ll be allowed to visit just one park per day, but you will save almost $100 on your tickets!

Trust me, each of the parks are too big to go to multiple parks on the same day anyway. The only time we do this is to see fireworks at two parks, and that is definitely not worth the extra money.

disney magic kingdom tickets

Extend Your Trip

The longer you stay at the parks, the more you save!

Multi-day passes are going to save you a few dollars each day per ticket.

A single day ticket to the Magic Kingdom could cost you $174! However, a two-day ticket would only cost $99.50 per day which is almost half of the cost of a single day.

While staying at the parks for multiple days can start to add up in other areas, it’s worth considering how long you want to go when purchasing Disney Magic Kingdom tickets. You could potentially save per day.

disney magic kingdom tickets

Purchase 1-Day Direct, More-Days Through A Reseller

If you are headed to Disney World for just one day, then the best price is always directly from Disney or an authorized Disney Vacation Planner.

Before you purchase multiple day tickets through Disney directly, consider buying your park tickets from an authorized discount Disney ticket broker. This can be a great way to save money on park tickets. However, make sure you are only purchasing your theme park tickets from “authorized” reseller and don’t get scammed.

Disney Magic Kingdom tickets are super hot commodities and therefore there are many scammers. Buying your tickets through eBay or Craigslist is an easy way for you to get scammed. So avoid these places when looking for reseller tickets.

Please Note: If you are staying at a Disney owned and operated resort, buying tickets separately (outside of your “package”) could affect certain promotions. Many times the “Vacation Package” deal is cheaper when you include your tickets along with your hotel room and food, and that needs to be purchased directly from Disney or an Authorized Vacation Planner like my friend Jeffrey Merola at Mouse Vacation Planning. I’ve had him plan several of our vacations and he kept the whole thing straight for me, plus, he doesn’t cost any extra!

Here are some additional trusted and authorized resellers to look for tickets:

disney magic kingdom tickets

If You Visit Often, Get An Annual Pass

If you typically visit Disney multiple times per year, it might be worth it to get an annual pass.


Create A Plan For Your Money

These FREE Budgeting Spreadsheets will help you keep a pulse on your money (from the palm of your hand).

While these passes are expensive and may run you in the thousands total for your family, but if you’re going to the parks frequently, the savings are worth it.

You’ll also receive perks for being an annual pass member such as discounts on dining, merchandise, complimentary parking, and more!

disney magic kingdom tickets

Choose The “Value Day”

We all know we should vacation during off-peak times, but Disney World ticket prices change drastically based on the time of year you go. Therefore Disney Magic Kingdom tickets could be almost $200 per day during event dates and $99 on other days during the year.

I think of these different rates as similar to what hotel chains do with various rates on different days. You know that a Sunday night is always the cheapest night… whereas Friday and Saturday are the least expensive.

You can easily browse the Disney Ticket Rate Calendar to see the 3 different tiers of prices, depending on the day you want to go to the park.

•  Value Days are typically always a weekday.
•  Regular days are all week at various times of the year.
•  Peak days are the busier days for the park.

By choosing to go on one of the “value days” you could save yourself hundreds off the cost of admission.

Value days are usually late August through September. But I’ve also found inexpensive rates early in the year in January and February.

Look for the “Value” Rate to save the most money. You can find which day is which on Disney’s ticket website to plan appropriately.

As you can see, If you are planning a Disney vacation for your family, you don’t need to dish out a ton of money on Disney Magic Kingdom tickets to have a great time!

There are so many ways to save on everything from the park tickets to the food that even those on a budget can still enjoy the magic of Disney without blowing their budget.

Be sure to follow these tips to save big money on your Disney World Park tickets so you don’t overspend on your vacation before you even get to start the fun!

Don’t forget if you want to make it super easy on yourself, you can reach out to my friend Jeffrey and he’ll do all the planning for you. He’s paid by Disney, so you don’t pay a penny more, yet you get all the easy planning services!


YOUR TURN: Is it feasible for your family to travel at an off-peak time to save the most money? Let me know in the comments below!

disney magic kingdom tickets
How To Save Money On Disney World & Disney Magic Kingdom Tickets