Do you see people getting FREE Bath & Body Works items? And you want to know how to get them too? Just sign up for the Bath and Body Works mailing list and they will mail them directly to your home!

I receive coupons for FREE products every few weeks!

I love getting fun mail, and there is nothing better than receiving Bath & Body Works Coupons for FREE products! It’s like a fun gift arriving in the mail… Oooo what scent will I choose? Should I get the body lotion or the shower gel?

My favorite thing to do is to collect them and then set up a mini gift bag for visitors that come over. My 16-year-old daughter also loves to steal them from my stash and give them to her friends as birthday gifts. They are ALWAYS impressed (and how can you not love the cost of FREE?!).

But first, here’s the secret to not spend a fortune when you go in there: when I get in the store, I pick out my free item and then I proceed to the cashier and tell them that I bought plenty of stuff last time, but I didn’t have my FREE coupon with me at the time, so I am back to get my FREEbie. They are more than happy to ring up my one item for FREE! Happy Dance Time!

{NOTE: for the record, we DO spend plenty in there to justify getting the freebie without buying anything every so often. The cashiers honestly don’t care either way, because their company is giving you a FREE product in order to promote them in HOPES that you pay full price to buy it next time. The reason I mentioned this strategy is that sometimes it feels awkward to go to the register and ask for ONLY the FREE item. But they really don’t mind. My suggestion gives you something to say, and yes, it is the truth.}

FREE Bath & Body Works Coupons 1

There are two ways to get on the Bath and Body Works mailing list and receive coupons for FREE products:

  1. Go to the store and when you checkout, at the register, they will ask for your email address. Ask if you can give them your mailing address also in order to get on the Bath and Body Works mailing list for more coupons. After you give it to them you should start receiving coupons in their next promotion, approximately 14-21 business days later.
  2. The easiest (and quicker way) to get those FREEbie coupons, is to sign up on their website. But it is not an easy place to find where to sign up. Go to the Contact Bath & Body Works section on their website, fill in your contact information and then select the drop-down “Add to Direct Mail”. You should start receiving coupons in about 10-14 business days! Sweet!

Here’s what it looks like on their website:

That’s it! In about 4 weeks you’ll start receiving coupons for free products in the mail!

Super easy, right?!

Don’t forget to partner the coupons you receive in the mail with the sale going on! That will help you maximize your savings.

Happy Shopping!

Do you love Bath & Body Works Products? Then you\'ve GOT TO make sure you are on the list to get coupons for their FREE products! #savingmoney #truecouponing #bathandbodyworks #savings #freebies