Hanukkah and Christmas are two very special holidays.

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, and I look forward to the holiday season each and every year.

Just a few short years ago was the first year I’d ever celebrated Hanukkah with friends who are Jewish.

Our good friend grew up Jewish, which means he grew up celebrating Hanukkah. His wife grew up celebrating Christmas.

With his own family, he and his wife have chosen to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas together and so they shared their tips with me on how to do both!

While it’s not the same sort of Hanukkah celebration as it was when he was a child, his family still celebrates the holiday in their own way.

When you’re celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas together, the holidays are twice as fun but can also be twice the price.

But celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas together can be done a budget.

Because saving money is important this time of year.

You’ll also save time shopping because you’ll be buying fewer but meaningful gifts.

And, since the magic of the season isn’t in the things we get but the time we spend with our loved ones.

I’m going to share with you their tips on how to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas WITHOUT blowing your holiday budget.

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hanukkah and christmas

Eight Gifts Is A Lot

Buying eight gifts (one for each of the eight days of Hanukkah) AND buying gifts to put under the tree can create a financial strain on your budget.

Even though Hanukkah is one of the most well known Jewish holidays, it’s actually not the biggest Jewish holiday.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as special or as fun as Christmas!

Hanukkah and Christmas are not about the presents, but let’s face it, it’s an exciting part of the experience.

Rather than buying eight big gifts for Hanukkah, focus on eight smaller and more meaningful gifts.

Shop at the dollar store, $5 and under bins at Target, or even stores like Five Below.

You can find smaller gifts your family will love without the expensive price tag.

Just because you found ways to save money on your Hanukkah presents, doesn’t mean you can go nuts on Christmas (unless you’ve budgeted for just that of course!).


Planning Is Key During The Holidays


Here is a FREE Checklist of pertinent things you don't want to forget to do this coming holiday season.

There is a really great list I found that is considered the “Minimalist Christmas Gift List,” and really focuses on giving a few meaningful gifts instead of one large gift.

Consider using this list to help you limit the number of gifts you buy this year, and stay on budget.

Here’s the list:

  1. Something they want
  2. Something they need
  3. Something to wear
  4. Something to read
  5. Something to make
  6. Something to eat
  7. Something new to experience
  8. And one more thing
hanukkah and christmas

Times To Celebrate 

Hosting Hanukkah and Christmas together is not cheap.

Whether we mean to or not, the host usually ends up paying the bulk of the expenses.

If you are hosting one holiday in your home, try to go elsewhere for the other.

Sometimes Hanukkah and Christmas even fall on the same day.

Start a mixed-religious celebration or pick one holiday to “go big” and alternate each year.

Christmas is a much bigger deal in their household for my friends.

They choose to forego the presents for Hanukkah and focus on the other aspects of the holiday.

hanukkah and christmas

Hanukkah And Christmas Decorations

There aren’t many Hanukkah and Christmas decorations out there, but they do exist.

My friends chose to forego a lot of the Hanukkah decorations and focused on setting up their Menorah in a place of prominence in their home.

Choose to combine the holidays, instead of trying to separate them.

If you’re a holiday nut like me, you probably started putting up your decorations the minute Thanksgiving dinner was over…okay, maybe the first week of November!

Add some Jewish-themed ornaments to your tree, add Hanukkah window clings to your home, and go for a more color-neutral holiday wreath.

This wreath inspired Christmas star is a very frugal project. You might be able find the items around your home so it won’t cost you anything!

And since you aren’t stuck with traditional red and green for your decorating colors, you can always do blue and white so you can incorporate more Hanukkah decorations!

Just look how frugal these blue and white ornaments were to make from napkins and Mod Podge!

hanukkah and christmas

How To Celebrate Both Holidays

As I mentioned earlier, my friends focused the majority of their holiday budget for Christmas.

Combine the Hanukkah and Christmas decorations, rather than just choosing one over the other.

For Christmas, they gave each other one present and put a two gift maximum on family and friends.

My friends also don’t exchange gifts on Hanukkah, but they do purchase Hanukkah gifts for their family that only celebrates Hanukkah.

When possible, try to focus on giving experiences rather than physical gifts. These are the true gifts that make memories!

You can easily plan these gifts or outings by looking up what to do in your local area and Groupon usually has some great ideas too!

Check out the local Botanical Gardens that are usually decked out with lights or even a new Christmas Musical or show!

Adding another holiday to your budget doesn’t have to impact it as much you think it might.

By purchasing more meaningful gifts this year means you’ll be saving time shopping so you can spend more time with your loved ones.

Since the magic of the season is created in the time we spend with our loved ones and not the gifts we give.

It is possible to celebrate both the Hanukkah and Christmas holidays frugally and save money this holiday season.

I hope your Hanukkah and Christmas celebration is a special time with family and friends this year!


Your Turn: Do you celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas together each year? Do you have more ideas to share on how to celebrate both holidays? Let me know below!

How To Celebrate Both Hanukkah And Christmas This Year