We all would like to have lots of money in the bank, but maybe having a nicely padded Christmas Savings Account would be a great start!

This is one of the tips included in my Jump-Start Your Savings Guide (10 easy exercises that’ll make you $500 over the next 30 days).

There is one common thing I’ve always noticed about smart financial people who have money:

They all take the money that they have and make it “work” for them. They make it grow on its own.

More specifically, they take $1, invest it, and make it worth MORE.

I do this with coupons every single day… I turn my $1 coupon into a $5 product simply by coinciding when I use the coupon with the timing of the best sale.

But what do you do when you don’t have money to invest? Or you don’t know what to do to start investing.

Spoiler Alert: We are not going to invest any money. But we are going to make the small savings we already have, grow slightly.

And it’s a super simple strategy.

We do this by taking some of our already saved money out of our savings account and use it to buy discounted gift cards for our Christmas savings plan.

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christmas savings account

Here’s The Sneaky Way To Add To Your Christmas Savings Account:

First, you want to find a gift card that is discounted by 15%.

If you take $85 and buy a $100 gift card that is 15% Off, you will then have gift cards worth $100, for which you only paid $85. That’s $15 FREE.

You’ve already saved $15 and a great start on how to save money for your Christmas budget.


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Now, you obviously wouldn’t want to do this all the time, with all your money.

This is NOT an investing program.

It is just one simple strategy I use during the holiday season to quickly boost my savings and make our money go farther. These Christmas savings tips have already helped my budget.

christmas savings account

Four Times = A FREE $60

If you can buy $100 worth of gift cards for $85, that gives you a bonus $15 with each $85 you spend.

Repeat this same process four times and you’ll have an extra $60 to spend in your Christmas Savings Account!

Last year I tried to buy all my gift cards before I went shopping for Black Friday so that I would (1.) stay on budget by only spending the gift card amounts and (2.) make it easier to budget because we had to purchase them ahead of time.

These Christmas budget ideas helped me stay on track and saved me money!

christmas savings account

Choose a “Physical Card” To Give As A Gift

If I am going to need a physical card to give to someone as a gift, then I simply order the “physical” gift card instead of the e-gift card I usually receive.

Those have to be physically mailed out so you need to gauge 10 days in advance to give adequate time to receive it in the mail.

Then I take it to the store and I ask if I can split up the gift card in order to give them to other people. This is all part of my Christmas savings plan.

For example, maybe you bought a $20 Starbucks card and you want to split it up in Four (4) $5 Cards to give one to each of your children’s Sunday School Teachers. Easy!

The store doesn’t mind one bit! And now you have Four $5 cards that you only paid $3.75 each. SCORE!

And you’ve saved so much in your Christmas Savings Account. Don’t forget to uses these same Christmas budget ideas for other holidays too!

christmas savings account

Save Money On Your Current Spending

You could use discounted gift cards right NOW to save money on your current spending.

If you think you will be eating out soon, then you will want to have a few of these on hand to get more for your money.

They can even be used along WITH other coupons… they are simply another form of payment! I love these Christmas savings tips and use them all year long!

My kids know that once November hits, we always use discounted gift cards when we eat out.

This is such a great way on how to save money for your Christmas budget!

Since restaurants know this is a busy time of year, they tend to put out fewer discounts and I refuse to pay full price for any restaurant meal.

We sit down as a family and decide where we are going to eat out that month and I buy gift cards with our restaurant budget. Win-Win!

Anything I can do to add to my Christmas Savings Account I will do! I know the weeks will quickly fly by if I don’t save, save, save!

christmas savings account

There Is A Catch

But Wait! There is a small catch:  You can’t do this at the very last minute.

You can’t be on your way to a restaurant and decide to buy a discount gift card to use in the next hour or so.

Sometimes the eGift Cards are emailed to you quickly, but I always try to pre-plan by about 24 hours. {That’s not so bad.}

Just a reminder for your Christmas savings plan to be prepared.

christmas savings account

Important {Kinda Obvious} Note:

So there is one really important and kinda obvious note that you have to know about how this works: in order for this trick to work properly, you need to have money to start with.

This strategy really only works if you’ve already completed a couple of the challenges so that you have some money to work with…in other words, you are only going to compound the problem if you buy discounted gift cards on a credit card.


Tiny Steps You Can Take Today To Have More Money Tomorrow

Download this FREE Guide with 5 Solutions to show you how to have more money today.

That is a no-no. {Instead, there are several super cheap gift ideas for you to give instead!}

I don’t want you to spend any money you didn’t already set aside as savings. That would kinda defeat the point, right?

The whole point is to add to your Christmas Savings Account, not compound debt just to give a gift.

These Christmas savings tips are just that…adding to your savings, not adding to your debt.

christmas savings account


Give your Christmas Savings account a little bump by taking these two quick Action Steps on how to save money for your Christmas budget:

1. My two favorite places to purchase discounted gift cards are Cardpool or Raise. Look to see if there are any with 10 – 15% Off that you would use to buy gifts, could break up to give AS gifts, or you would use right now to save other money out of your current Christmas savings plan.

2. If you use the gift card for current spending, make sure you do your due diligence to move the money you would’ve spent to your savings envelope/account.

Two great steps for your Christmas budget ideas!

How to save money for your Christmas budget can be easily done just by adding to your savings by saving on gifts this year.

These Christmas savings tips only get better when you plan and prepare to save this Christmas!

Add to your Christmas budget ideas with discounted gift cards!

Your Christmas savings plan will be well on it’s way to be padded for a great Christmas!

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Your Turn: What is your Christmas Savings Account goal? What gifts are you hoping to save up for? Let us know below!

christmas savings account
A Sneaky Way To Grow Your Christmas Savings Account