All deal seekers know that one of the best shopping days of the year is Black Friday.

Can you believe Black Friday is just a few short weeks away? It seems crazy!

I am a seasoned Black Friday shopper and have even started shopping Thanksgiving morning (online) to ensure I got the deal I was after.

After years of Black Friday shopping, I have learned a thing or two about how to score a great deal, and which stores aren’t worth the trouble.

If you are looking for some Black Friday shopping secrets, this is your guide!

I’m going to share all of my shopping secrets with you to help you get the best Black Friday deals possible!

Black Friday best deals

1. Some Black Friday Deals Last All Month Long

Many stores will go full on Black Friday mode as soon as Halloween ends, others will start as early as the Sunday or Monday of Black Friday.

Last year Old Navy started their Black Friday sale before Thanksgiving, and the deals were just as good as on Black Friday.


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Before you add a long list of stores to your shopping trip, see if there are any offering Black Friday sales ahead of time.

This will limit your time out, and keep you from missing the best deals.

Some stores are even boasting about the Black Friday deals in October! Wow is right!

Don’t you just love these Black Friday shopping secrets?!!

Black Friday best deals

2. Black Friday TV Deals Are Best On Smaller TVs

Every year you will see hundreds of people lined up outside the store waiting to score the “best deal” on a new flatscreen TV.

If you’re not in a rush to buy a new TV, wait until Super Bowl season and purchase one then.

Higher end TVs will be a lot cheaper at that time, but the smaller TVs are a better deal during Black Friday.

These are great Black Friday shopping tips to remember or share with a friend!

Black Friday best deals

3. Don’t Forget To Price Match!

The last several years have been so cutthroat for Black Friday shopping, that you could go to one store and do ALL your shopping because they all “price matched” each other.

If you’d like to read their Price Matching Policies please follow these links:

Maximize your savings by stacking competitor coupons! JoAnn’s and Michaels will accept even a Hobby Lobby coupon! Read more about using these competitors coupons to save more money!

Black Friday best deals

4. Not All Doorbusters Are A Good Deal

Doorbuster items are the store’s way of getting you to the store and hope that while you’re there, you’ll do the rest of your Christmas shopping.

Sometimes, the doorbuster items may not even be the best deal!

While the sign “Laptops for under $100” might sound like a deal you can’t pass up; it may be a no-name brand item that has lower specs than the brand name.

Make sure to research those doorbusters, before you wait in line. If you haven’t heard of the brand before, look them up on Amazon and see what kinds of reviews have been posted by real users.

Now, that’s not to say that you can’t score an amazing deal on an off-brand doorbuster product, one year we got a mini-crockpot for only $4 that we use regularly for nacho cheese dip, that was one of my best doorbuster purchases ever!

Now that’s a great Black Friday shopping secret to remember!

Black Friday best deals

5. Kitchen Gadgets (and Vacuums) Are A Best-Buy

Kitchen gadgets seem to be the category of items I see that have the most savings throughout the whole Black Friday “week” and through Cyber Monday also.

Usually, we’ll see the best prices of the year on virtually all small appliances but notably, Kitchenaid Mixers, Ninja Blenders, Keurigs, Cookware, Pyrex Sets, and just about anything else you’ll use in the kitchen.

Oh, and vacuums too! The best deals I’ve found on vacuums have always been during Black Friday sales.

Don’t forget to write these Black Friday shopping tips down so you don’t forget!

Black Friday best deals

6. Don’t Forget The Coupons!

Black Friday coupons are out there, and some of them could lead to massive savings!

If you don’t usually get a newspaper, you’ll want to make sure to pick one up on Thanksgiving morning because that is the one that includes all the Black Friday Sale Ads. But be careful, they usually end up going quickly, so pick one up as soon as you can if you don’t have a paper delivered.

There will be tons of store coupons in the paper you can use, in addition to any you find online.

Once you know what stores you’ll be going to, make sure to do a quick google search for that store and coupons to see if you can find any bonus discount coupons before you head out.

7. Stay Organized

The quickest way to overspend while you’re out on Black Friday is to be disorganized!

I’ve created a Black Friday Planner to help you figure out where to go, what time, and what coupons you need to bring in the store with you.


Tiny Steps You Can Take Today To Have More Money Tomorrow

Download this FREE Guide with 5 Solutions to show you how to have more money today.

Make sure your coupons are organized, you know your schedule, and that you don’t spend too long in each store.

The more organized you are, the more success you’ll have on Black Friday.

8. Shop Online

Did you know that sites like Amazon have Black Friday deals too?

Some stores even have their Black Friday sales online way before Black Friday is near!

Before you head out to the store, see if you can do your shopping from home!

You’ll avoid the long lines, traffic, and craziness of heading out on Black Friday, plus who wouldn’t want to do their shopping on the couch in pajamas? Yes, please!

Black Friday shopping doesn’t have to be as chaotic as the commercials make it sound.

Just remember these Black Friday shopping secrets to keep you on track and organized!

If you plan and prepare before you hit the stores, you’ll have no trouble scoring great deals at rock bottom prices!

And the best thing is you’ll be shopping smarter with these Black Friday shopping tips!

Your Turn: What shopping Black Friday shopping secret has helped you get the best deals every year? Share with me below!

Insider Secrets For Getting The Best Deals On Black Friday