Back to School haircuts for kids can get outta control expensive.

One time we took our son to get a simple “trim” and it cost over $30.

I realize he has curly hair, and that a professional’s time is worth money, but all I could truly think was… this is gonna be all grown out in about 2 weeks flat and we could’ve bought something that would’ve lasted a little longer than that with the $30 instead.

Since it’s back to school time again, and I’m sure you’re looking everywhere to cut costs. I am too! After all, things really add up over time.

With all the things you have to buy for back to school, saving money on a haircut will really give you a sense of relief!

You may be paying for clothing and new shoes, but your kid’s hair will be looking great for less!

Here’s how to save money on back to school haircuts for kids!

Haircuts For Kids

Use Coupons

Coupons are one of my favorite things in the world!

Those little pieces of paper are one of the reasons I’ve been able to save as much money as I have.

Many people think they are a waste of time. I feel bad for those people.

While coupons might take a little bit of work, they are one of the primary ways to save yourself some cash. And what’s better than that?

Around the end of Summer and the beginning of the back to school season, hairdressers start to send out coupons.

You’ve probably seen them around. Often times they will come in the mail as circulars. Most people will throw them away without a second look.

But honestly, if your kids are going to get a haircut anyway, then why not save money on them?

It just makes good sense to spend a minute of your day cutting out a coupon so that you can save some bucks at the salon.

Because remember: every cent adds up!

Haircuts For Kids

Do It Yourself

Have you (or your spouse) invested in a hair trimmer?

If you’re ok with the all over buzz cut look, you could do an all over cut.

You can also get a small pair of hairdressers scissors and trim the ends yourself.

If you’re the creative type, look up tutorials on how to cut your kid’s hair on Youtube.

If you need a suggestion, Ellie Mecham has some beautiful kids hair tutorials!

Just do a search on Youtube and you’ll find a ton more options!

This is one way to get cheap back to school haircuts!

Haircuts For Kids

Go To Training Nights

Did you know that some cosmetology schools have training nights?

Do a google search for training nights in your area.

Students will give you free haircuts if you let them practice their hair cutting skills.

What’s better than free back to school haircuts for kids? You’re right! Nothing!


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They won’t let the students practice unless they show promise and attend their classes, so you’re probably safe leaving your kids hair in their hands. And you can get cute back to school haircuts for a fraction of the cost of even free!

And don’t be afraid to call around to different places and ask them about any training night.

They want participants and will be thrilled that you called!

I love getting my kids cheap back to school haircuts!

Haircuts For Kids

Ask Your Friends

Do you have friends who do hair or even just have a pair of hair clippers?

Ask them for their help! If they are a good family or friend, you’re likely to get a discounted rate.

And I’m sure that you wouldn’t have to pay anything just to use a pair of hair clippers.

Just make sure you clean up the mess after!

Maybe you can even barter with them in exchange for another service.

Haircuts For Kids

Go To A Discount Salon

There is absolutely no shame in going to a place like Great Clips or Supercuts.

The hairdressers are trained and are often just as good as someone who owns their own place or works at a high-class shop.

Not everyone has two hundred dollars to spend on a haircut. I know I don’t! But I know my kids want cute back to school haircuts.

So, make sure to check out the reviews online and give this option a whirl for cheap back to school haircuts.

Your kids will be able to get some new cut and even color if the price is right!

Don’t forget your coupons! Great Clips & Supercuts both have coupons that you can lower the price on back to school haircuts for kids.

You might even find a great barber in your town that trades hair cuts to kids who read to them just like this barber!

There are plenty of options you can go with when you’re trying to save money on back to school haircuts.

Don’t feel defeated going into this because there are so many great choices out there for you!

Happy back to school time, everyone!


YOUR TURN: I’d love to hear if you have any thoughts on saving money on back to school haircuts. Are you afraid to cut your child’s hair? Let me know in the comment section below!

How To Save Money On Back To School Haircuts For Kids