A school backpack can be SO stinking expensive!

And it can get confusing as to the best way to save money on them.

My standard “gauge” is to try and save 50%-70% off the sticker price.

First of all, you need to know that the absolute best prices on a school backpack are going to be found AFTER school starts when they are on clearance.

That means, if last year’s backpack isn’t too worn, consider making this purchase after school starts. Or this year, be ahead and buy one for next year!

But getting the best school backpack products are important.

One child went through 3 in one year once, and I refuse to do that again.

Because who has the money to replace them every 3 months?

And who has the time to go find another one anyway?! I know I don’t! So my child better stick like glue to his school backpack or he will be plastic grocery bagging it to class for sure!

Also, don’t get caught up in buying the too cute school backpacks for kids as they may not last the entire year.

If that just isn’t possible because you need to get one right now, then here are 5 more tips for you to save on that sometimes hefty school backpack expense.

You can find some of the best school backpacks for students, you just have to do a little digging.

school backpack

1. Avoid Licensed Products

Licensed products are typically 20%-30% more expensive than their no-frill counterpart.

If your child absolutely has to have Dory on her new lunch bag or school backpack, get creative and buy the school backpack in the color scheme and then hit the craft store (with a coupon) to get some licensed ribbon or a key chain to add to it.

You will spend $5 instead of $30. This can make it to be the cute school backpacks your kids will love but so will your budget.

I realize this will only work with the younger ones… keep reading.

Chris Burge commented in my Facebook Community with another great point: The other problem with buying any trendy licensed school backpack is that they “grow out” of them. In just six short months they might not like “Pokemon Go” anymore and then they will want yet another new backpack.uper cheap price.

school backpack

2. Look In Unexpected Places

Sometimes our precious offspring teens have their heart “set” on a special school backpack, you know, the one with the Nike Check on the side or in “just the perfect pattern” from Vera Bradley.

In that case, the first place I look is on eBay. No, I do not get a used one, just search for your particular brand-name backpack and check the “new” box on the left side of the page and see if you can find a deal.

Just knowing where to look to buy the best school backpacks for students can save you up to 50% off!

school backpack

3. Watch For Special Store Discounts

Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a free Scorecard Reward Program that gives you a $10 reward certificate every time you earn 300 points. Each dollar you spend at Dick’s earns one point, and they often send out special coupons for bonus points when you shop, meaning you’ll earn that $10 even faster. This means you can get that trendy school backpack, but at a super cheap price.


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Maybe you have a child (or two or three) that are in sports and you can buy their sporting equipment at Dick’s in order to earn rewards that then help offset the costs of a Nike Backpack? Sometimes you have to get thinking outside of the box to get extra savings.

Target also releases special Cartwheel App Discounts, especially during the Back-To-School season. You can check the app, or while you are inside the store simply scan the UPC code and see if there are any bonus Cartwheel discounts available for you to use and save a little more on that school backpack.

Don’t forget that if you find a cheaper price for the backpack on Target.com or even Walmart.com, Target will price match!

Children’s Place has a great rewards program where you can earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Plus you can score 2 times the My Place Rewards points on Back To School Essentials. Or earn 3 times the My Place Rewards points on Back To School Essentials when you use your My Place Rewards Credit Card. On top of already great sales, and online price matching, you can get some great deals! They have some really cute school backpacks for kids!

school backpack

4. Use Staples Price Match Guarantee

Staples offers a 110% Price Matching Guarantee on Back To School items.

That means if you find the same school backpack at another store (like Jansport which is sold at multiple stores) you can bring your phone or the store ad and go to customer service.

Also, if the price is lower up to 14 days after your purchase at Staples you can bring the receipt back and get a refund for the competitor’s price plus a bonus 10% difference! {Sign up for the Staples Rewards program for additional savings and coupons delivered to your inbox.}

Price matching is one way to get the best school backpack products for the least price.

school backpack

5. “Stack” The Discounts

I mentioned Target above, but other department stores offer great discounts which would help you save on that school backpack too. Stores such as JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s and Sears offer sales that can be stacked with a Percentage Off Threshold Coupon (such as $10 Off $40) along with a percentage off.

For example at Kohl’s {this deal is NOT live right now, this is just an example}
1. They will offer a great 50% Off Sale or Clearance
2. Then, a 30% off discount code to use (i.e. SUNTAN30) as a Kohl’s cardholder or non-card holders get 15% off using a different coupon code)
3. On top of those discounts, you can save $10 off a $40 total by using code BTS10
4. Plus, you can earn $10 Kohl’s Cash with every $50 you spend (this promotion happens regularly)

And all the discounts can be used when you order online! Don’t forget to look for a FREE Shipping code or choose in-store pickup as a FREE shipping option that saves you time from browsing inside the store!

It’s so easy to just pay full price for the best school backpack products, but if you don’t have to, save yourself some money for all the other things on your back to school supply list.

And if you get the best school backpacks for students, you might be saving yourself money next year by not having to buy another one!


YOUR TURN: Do you have any other creative ways to save on school backpacks? Please comment below and share your thoughts.

How To Save Big Money On A School Backpack