I get asked all the time how (and where) I run my business from my busy home. We have 4 kids who each have their own bedrooms and we are constantly hosting people who want to visit Florida when things get cold in “their neck of the woods.”

You might find it interesting that my answer is “I work allllllllll over the place.” 😂🤣

Yep: I work at a mobile desk I bought off Amazon.

^^^ That’s my workspace. ^^^

I’m sharing because I just wanted to give you a better glimpse into what it’s like to run True Money Saver and where I sit (or sometimes stand) to share my knowledge to help you manage your money better.

I spent months looking up Amazon reviews for “standing desks” and they were all SOOOOO expensive (over $400).

This one was 70 bucks.

But my favorite part is that it’s mobile! I can move that bad boy alllllllll over our house! The kids can never “put ______ on my desk” because they never know where my desk is! 😂🤣

(Last night I was working in my bedroom when I asked my son to take this picture… and yes, that IS two of my cats photobombing on my bed behind my back.)

I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my daily crazy life… and where I run my empire from. 💖