Whether you’re looking to save money at the gas pumps, or just want to reduce your overall expenses, don’t overlook your fuel costs.

If you own a car, especially one that doesn’t get very good gas mileage, then you know how much a full tank of gas can cost at the gas pumps.

Gas just seems like one of those expenses you have to pay no matter the cost.

You can easily learn how to save on gas just by following these tricks.

Plus, save money at the gas pumps can be easy once you learn how to find the deals.

And, with these saving money on gas tips, you’ll be able to save more money for fun things like road trips!

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While we may not be able to control the gas prices, there are a ton of ways to save money at the gas pumps!

Here are some great ways to save money on your next fill up.

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Use Gift Cards For The Lower “Cash” Price

Most gas stations offer different pricing depending on whether you pay with “Cash” or “Credit”, and the price on the gas pumps is always the lower “Cash” price.

When you use a Gift Card to pay, that enacts the cash price and you get the best deal!


Create A Plan For Your Money

These FREE Budgeting Spreadsheets will help you keep a pulse on your money (from the palm of your hand).

You can usually obtain these right inside the store, or at your local grocery store.

Better yet, once you have your gift card, refill it every payday to help you stay on budget! That will keep your gas spending easy to track and you’ll get the lowest price on gas at the gas pumps!

It’s a great way on how to save on gas!

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Watch For Gift Card Deals

Many grocery stores offer some kind of gas gift card deal every month or so. My local grocery store, Publix, frequently offers promotions to save $10 when you buy a $50 gas card (with a $50 grocery purchase), and there are several gas station options to choose from. That is saving you 20% off your $50 tank of gas!

These deals happen frequently, so keep an eye on the Publix Weekly Ad every week. It’s the easiest way possible to immediately save 20% at the gas pumps! Wow!

Bonus Tip To Maximize Gift Card Savings: Get the $10 off groceries purchased at Publix by purchasing a Shell Gas gift card deal at Publix during their promotion, then utilize the Fuel Rewards Program when using the gas gift card at Shell. It’s a Win-Win on how to save money at the gas pumps!

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Utilize Gas Station Rewards Programs

Virtually all gas stations have a rewards program that you can join for FREE and earn perks or free gas!

The Shell Fuel Reward Network is my favorite one because I can connect my Mastercard (debit and/or credit) and earn even more rewards when I shop at certain places such as restaurants or shopping locations.

It’s these saving money on gas tips, that will get your next fill up cheaper than ever!

Use these links to learn more about the BP Driver Rewards or Sunoco APlus Rewards.

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Use Your Smartphone To Compare Prices Around Your Local Gas Pumps

Check out the Gas Buddy App to check for the lowest priced gas station while you’re out and about.

You can sort by closest to you, or lowest price in your area.

It may save you an extra 20 cents PER gallon to go a couple more blocks up the road that’s already on your route!

We always use the app when we travel, we are already in the car thinking about where to stop off along the road so it is easy to utilize the best price.

With these saving money on gas tips, you’ll be saving at the gas pumps in no time!

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Credit/Debit Rewards Card

Be sure to check the rewards area on the credit cards or debit cards you already have.

You may already be able to save 3% to 5% on gas purchases, or you may get cash back bonuses.

Designate that credit card to use for gas every single time! {Side note: if you are going to use a credit card, be diligent and pay it off in full every month. Otherwise, the credit card interest will negate those savings at the gas pumps!}

Pay Attention: You see, usually, any of the reward programs (listed above) only work on the first 20 gallons of gas. So, if you use that up in one tank… you will want to purchase gas for the rest of the month using a credit card that earns you money back!

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What About Warehouse Clubs?

I have found that the price of gas at a warehouse club is no different than a regular station.

But there is a benefit when you look at their credit card rewards.

Right now Sam’s is offering a $45 Statement Credit when you get their credit card! And that card gives you 5% back in rewards for gas. And just so you have the competitor info here as well, the Costco Citi card offers 4% back.

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Save Even More

These five questions will help you ensure you are maximizing your gas usage and getting the most for your money! And they’re easy too!

When you learn how to save on gas, it’s not just about the fuel you put in your car!

1.) You Check Your Tire Pressure Regularly?
Every five pounds per square inch (psi) of tire pressure you lose can translate into a two percent loss of gas mileage. This should be checked monthly UNLESS there is a jump in weather. The average driver will save $65/year just by checking their tire inflation! For every 3.0 PSI that a tire is below it’s recommended level, you’ll save 12¢ a gallon! There is NO discount that saves 12¢ per gallon… it’s a no-brainer to put it on your calendar with a reminder alarm! FREE Air at WAWA!!

2.) Do you often drive over 55mph?
Did you know that there is a diminishing return on how fast you drive your vehicle? Basically, any speed over 55 mph is going to use up more fuel at a higher rate. Actually, going 55 mph versus 65 mph will save you up to 7 mpg in gas consumption!


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3.) Do you drive smoothly?
Ask yourself if you speed up quickly or take corners too quickly or speed up just to break for a stoplight. This will save you 2-3 mpg in gas consumption!

4.) Do you use Premium Grade Gas?
Some people think always buying premium gas extends the life of their engine. That’s a myth! Unless your car specifies premium fuel you should use regular, which will give you an automatic savings of about 20 cents per gallon! Obviously, you also need to consult your owner’s manual to see if premium gas is required for your car (usually this applies to older cars).

5.) Do you start up and drive off?
Engines run most efficiently when they are warm, so let the motor run a couple minutes before taking off. A Consumer Reports’ study found that driving with a cold engine consumed an extra 4 mpg! I know if FL it feels hot, so we think the engine doesn’t need to warm up… but the hot temp of the engine is not the same as a running engine.

So there you have it!

You can easily learn how to save on gas just by following these tricks.

Plus, save money at the gas pumps can be easy once you learn how to find the deals.

And, with these saving money on gas tips, you’ll be able to save more money for fun things like road trips!

Many people think there is no way to use their coupon and money-saving skills to save money at the gas pumps, but now you know there are several ways!


Your Turn: Have you regularly used gift cards to pay at gas pumps? Do you refill them? Comment below and let me know!

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How To Save Money On Gas