I used to always think that cereal was the cheapest breakfast that I could feed my children.

While I was scoring great deals with the coupon, cereal isn’t exactly the picture perfect option for a healthy breakfast at home.

It’s hard to beat the convenience of being able to just pour your kids a bowl or cereal or give them a pack of mini muffins and call it a day.

However, you may be shocked to find that your “traditional” breakfast go-to’s might actually be costing you more money!

In this post, I’m going to share with you what are the cheapest breakfast options to feed your family. Spoiler alert! It’s not cereal! (Download this Breakfast Food Price Comparison Cheat Sheet to see how over 40 items stack up against each other at 6 different stores).

What Should You Be Buying?

You may be starting to wonder what on earth you should be feeding your family for breakfast!

Which is why I’m going to share with you three breakfast items that you should be buying, and two you should never even think about putting into your cart.

I’ll also do a little bit of a price comparison for some of the classic favorites to help you make sure you’re always getting the best deal possible!

3 Breakfast Foods You Should Be Buying:


When it comes to the best value breakfast item out there, you can’t beat the cost of oatmeal! Oatmeal is cheaper than cereal, waffles, toaster pastries, and just about any other breakfast item out there! Not only is this much cheaper than your other breakfast options, but it can also be made quickly and it’s a healthy option!

English Muffins

If you like to add a little bit of bread into your morning meal, go for the English muffins over the bagels. They are going to be much cheaper per unit than the cost of a bagel. In terms of healthy choices, they are also going to be much more nutritious.


This one might seem a little bit silly, but eggs are going to pack quite a punch for a healthy and cheap breakfast. Eggs are full of protein which will help keep you full longer and give you the energy you need to get through the day. Even if you eat two eggs in a single sitting, you will still spend less than one package of those mini muffins from the store.

2 Breakfast Foods You Should Not Buy:

Mini Muffins

I will be the first to admit that these are downright delicious! However, when it comes to price, these are crazy expensive! For just a mere $0.30 more you can have a frozen breakfast sandwich or for $0.50 more you can have a fast food breakfast sandwich! Not only is that breakfast sandwich going to make you way more full, but it will be more bang for your buck.


Unless you have a fabulous coupon and you are buying it on sale with a coupon, it’s best to skip the cereal. Free cereal is a price you can’t beat, but unless you catch the timing on that deal, there are a ton of less expensive and healthier options for your family out there.

Price Comparison Of Popular Breakfast Items

To prove that you could have a nutritious and awesome breakfast for your family without breaking the bank, I decided to do a little price comparison of four popular breakfast options!

These may be some of your go-to choices, but trust me, there is a better option out there!

I spoke about this topic on my Savings Segment on Fox. Watch the replay video here:

Toaster Strudel vs. Oatmeal

When it comes to price, Oatmeal won! Obviously, I don’t have to explain to you that oatmeal is going to be a healthier option, and with coupons, you can get a great breakfast for next to nothing!

Waffles vs. Pancakes

Believe it or not, the answer here is going to be pancakes! Both waffles and pancakes can be made for just pennies, but when it comes to the prepackaged mixes, this is where you have to start looking at the size. You will get more pancakes out of a box of the mix than waffles, and they will be less per serving.


Compare The Best Prices For Your Breakfast Foods

Download these FREE Cheat Sheets to see the price comparison of the top 40 Breakfast Foods so that you know where to shop & what to buy.

Butter vs. Cream Cheese

Obviously, everyone has different ideas for what they would like to top their breakfast dishes with. But if you are looking at a cost point of view, cream cheese is going to be the best option! My husband was really surprised to find that out, he thought for sure butter would be cheaper. While different brands may be less expensive, generally speaking, ounce by ounce, butter will be more expensive.

Bagel vs. English Muffins

If you are looking at price alone, the English Muffin is going to be the cheaper option. Plus, in terms of healthy options, an English muffin is going to be a much better choice.

Feeding your family a healthy and frugal breakfast doesn’t have to be a chore! Many of the options I’ve shared with you are even cheaper than even the PopTart and other convenience options out there.

The Best Breakfast Foods To Feed Your Family On The Cheap (Free Price Comparison Download)