Have you ever tried a spending freeze, or even heard of one?

A spending freeze is exactly like it sounds; you set a period which you don’t spend any money except for necessary expenses such as your bills.

And during the month of September, for one whole month, every day, we’ll focus on practical ways to rethink our spending habits and discover new ways to use the things we have.

I spoke about this topic on my Savings Segment on Fox. Watch the replay video here:


We’ll start by planning what we’re going to eat, then we’ll focus on getting our homes in order so that we can make a little side money, or at least create a soothing space where we will enjoy spending our time.

From there we will look at ways to creatively use the things we already have on hand, as well as fun ways to get the things we need for free and even potentially make some money.

We’ll finish our challenge by looking ahead to the future since the whole point is to set ourselves up for success that lasts longer than just this coming month.

If you’re nervous about joining because you already have other commitments happening in September, or because you have a birthday or special event planned (I’ll be traveling not once, but twice!), or because you don’t have enough food on hand to last a whole month, don’t worry, you’re not alone!


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And it’ll be A-Okay because on Day 1 we set up our month for success in order to account for any of those special circumstances so that you can still participate in the challenge without any guilt about “cheating.”

Hopefully, you know by now that I operate on a lot of GRACE (and coffee!). This challenge will be no different.

But the really fun thing is going to be the level of involvement I’m committing to ensure your success.

You can also share your own challenge tips & ideas using hashtag #TrueSpendingFreeze (on Instagram) to hold yourself accountable and inspire others along the way! I’ll choose photos to add to a weekly highlights video to inspire others also!

Are you ready to form new spending habits, get your finances in order and amplify your blessings?

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