Have you ever felt that panicky feeling when you notice that you have only a few little squares left on the roll and you know there are no backup packages of toilet paper in storage?

YIKES, right?!!

When bath tissue deals aren’t plentiful, or you are in a state-of-emergency, you might need to stop off for a special trip and get some.

But with all the different size rolls it is hard to know if you’re really getting a good deal.

My math brain loves a good word problem so I want to help you determine how to get the best deals on toilet paper, with or without coupons!

Here’s How Easy It Is To Calculate

Look at the front bottom of the toilet paper package and find the total square feet.

Now move the decimal point in this number two places to the left.

If the cost of the package (with or without coupons) is less than or equal to this number, then you’ve got yourself a deal!

That means you are only paying 1¢ or less a square foot!

Toilet Paper Deal Sq ft

The Specific Example:

For the package pictured above, the total square feet is 117.3.

Moving the decimal point to the left 2 places gives you the price of $1.17 (you can ignore the 3). That means it is 1¢ per square foot, the best price around!

So, after coupons are applied you should pay no more than $1.17 for this package of toilet paper. When you see it on sale at that price, it’s one of the best deals and it’s time to stock up!

More Examples:

Toilet Paper “A” = 400 sq. ft. Let’s say this package is priced at $6 in your store.
But, the “trick” stock-up price means we would only want to pay $4 (400 sq. ft. then move the decimal to the left 2 places),
so at $6, it is not a fabulous deal. Buy only what will get you through until you can stock up at a better price.

Toilet Paper “B” = 650 sq. ft. Let’s say this package is priced at $5 in your store.
The Stock-up price would be $6.50 (650 sq.ft. then move the decimal to the left 2 places),
so it’s definitely a bargain! This is one of the best deals. Buy several of these and stock up for 6-8 weeks!

Did you know that Amazon often offers deals on Toilet Paper at Stock Up Prices just like this?

I’ve started buying all my paper products from them. And you can use this same concept by looking at the price per square foot! Easy Peasy!

Never stare at a wall of toilet paper in the store again, and not know what to pay!  #debtfree #couponcommunity #truecouponing