Saving money during the holiday season is an absolute must! It can get EXTREMELY expensive, especially when you have a big family and a lot of people to buy for! Taking a few precautions to make sure your wallet doesn’t hurt so much while shopping is very important! Here are a few simple tips you can use:

  1. Start shopping early.
    If you shop throughout the year, it won’t be so much at once and if you catch a great deal in the summer, don’t let it stop you from saving it for Christmas! Spreading out the cost of Christmas makes it a bit easier on those who are living on a budget.
  2. Find sales or discounts!
    Be sure to buy those Sunday papers during the holiday season! They’ll give you all the great sale ads for your favorite stores so you can get all the things you need when they’re at a discounted rate.
  3. Shop online!
    A lot of times you can find the things you’re looking for much much cheaper online than in the stores, not to mention it can sometimes be tough to get out into those stores when you have little ones!
  4. Price match competitors’ prices.
    If you find a great deal for something at a store, but maybe they ran out of stock, bring their ad to a competitor’s store and many stores will match your price! Also, a lot of stores are price matching Amazon pricing throughout the holidays, A LOT of times you can find what you’re looking for on Amazon for a much better price!
  5. Make some gifts instead of buying them.
    You can bake just about any Christmas treat and package it up nicely with a bow, and voila…instant gift! The dollar stores are great places to pick up pretty boxes or other containers to place your treats inside for a very nice presentation on a budget. For baking ideas, see our Christmas Recipe section. If you’re not into cooking, see our Christmas Crafts section for other DIY gift ideas.

Using these basic little tips will most definitely save you some money for the holidays and make it so your holiday is a bit less stressful throughout the shopping process. Your bank account will be much happier, trust us!