UPDATE: Kati’s Mother-in-Law should be home in time for Christmas!  It looks like she did not sustain any long term injuries from the fall.  They will follow up with more tests after Christmas.
Thank you all for your prayers!  Please continue to pray for her.

I know that many of our True Couponing family out there are believers, and we could use your prayers now.

Please pray with us for Kati’s Mother-in-Law.  She was in an accident last night.

She sustained a cracked skull as well as other injuries after falling from a high height and is in very serious condition.  She is in an immense amount of pain and being watched very closely.

Please pray she makes a full recovery, that the brain does not swell and that there will be no long term brain damage.  Please also pray for the family as they are taking turns staying with her and under a lot of stress.

Thank you so much!

With much concern and prayers,