IbottaIbotta App: Earn Rewards for Shopping, Dining & MORE!

Ibotta 2.0 just launched and can be downloaded the app HERE. New categories include favorite restaurants like Chili’s and Smashburger and Home Improvement!

You will now find that when you open Ibotta, you can choose your retailer first, and then see an exclusive list of offers by retailers. Instead of having a separate Store Extras section, there is now an Ibotta Product Gallery by retailer so you can see what’s available by store, including exclusive offers which are marked for your benefit.

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Sams Club
  • Winn Dixie
  • Publix
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Walgreens
  • Dollar General
  • Costco
  • Family Dollar
  • Whole Foods
  • 7 Eleven
  • Even Home Depot and Lowes

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a fun and easy way to earn real money just for buying your favorite products. Learn about products by taking polls, reading facts or watching short videos – you choose how much or how little. It works in over a dozen favorite stores including Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and Publix and many more. New stores are being added all the time. Get your money within hours of taking a photo of your receipt. It’s real cash. Earnings can be transferred securely to your PayPal account or donated to any school in America with the click of a button. Ibotta updates their offers every 4 days.

Here’s how the App works:  (It’s kinda like a Mail In Rebate…only no stamps or mailing required!!)
  1. Download the FREE App for Android or for Apple devices HERE.
  2. Choose which “offers” you would like to utilize.  Basically, it looks like shelves in a pantry, with items sitting on the shelf and you just select the item(s) you are going to purchase at the store.
  3. Click the item to earn your “coupon” value: there are two to three options for which you earn a little bit of the coupon value for each. Some of the items I have done to earn the coupon are: answer a trivia question, look at a recipe, share to your Facebook wall, or read a fact about the item.  This always takes literally 1 minute or less.
  4. Shop at Publix, Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, Kroger, Harris Teeter, and more!
  5. Purchase your product like usual.  You can use MQ and SQ coupons as well. You can even scan the product while in the store to be sure you are purchasing the correct item that will get you the Ibotta rebate.
  6. Redeem your offers to get your money!
    • Click the “redeem” button (bottom center on any page of app) and select the item which you are redeeming.
    • “Verify” your purchase by scanning the item using your phone’s camera (through the app) to “verify” that you purchased the correct item to receive the rebate.
  7. Take a photo of your receipt – through the app. You CAN take multiple photos of the same receipt should your receipt be too long.
  8. Watch your $$ grow!! Your cash should appear within 24 hours – and sometimes as quickly as an hour. As soon as your account is at $5, you can transfer the funds to your own bank account via PayPal!
  9. Earn even more money as you “Redeem” your offers by checking the “bonus” area to see how to qualify.
  10. Ibotta updates their product offers every 4 days and we include them in our store matchups!
It’s easy! You’re gonna love it! It is like a Rebate without the hassle of stamping and addressing an envelope!

~Happy Easy Earning Extra Money for Shopping!

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