I believe kindness is contagious.

So I’ve come up with a MONTH of FREE ideas to spread kindness and make this world a little better. little better. In case you are new to the challenge, you can catch up with Day 1 here, Day 2 here, and Day 3 here.

You’ll need to be slightly prepared to do today’s challenge because you need to bring a note card with you… but take it from someone who knows, this could be a game-changer for a random stranger.

Share the Love Kindness Challenge

DAY 4 Challenge: Spread Some Customer Service Love

This weekend while you are out and about, I want you to bring a blank card with you and when someone helps you, catch their name, then write a couple detailed sentences about how they helped you and give that note to their manager.

Those few extra minutes and having those words in writing could make a huge difference at someone’s job. And to the boss too… especially when you think about all the negative feedback mangers usually receive.

EVERYONE speaks up when they are frustrated with service, but RARELY does someone go out of their way to speak up about the good service. It is expected. And I agree… but it can also help spark kindness when you take a moment and point it out.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Here’s an example of what I put in a note on my phone (hey, I am short on time, so I figured I would get a jump start in case my brain turns to mush when I actually go to write this inside a store):

Dear {Store Name} Manager,

I shop in your store regularly, but today I happened to have {employee’s name} help me with {whatever they helped with} and they were exceptionally {whatever you think they were exceptional at…} today, so I thought you should know. Because of {employee’s name}’s assistance today, I want you to know that I would DEFINITELY recommend my personal family and friends come shop here too.

Have a blessed day!
~Kati Kiefer, Valrico FL

When I worked in retail (I worked at a Jewelry store for all four years I was in college) if someone told the manager that we did an exceptional job, it was a big deal.. but if someone actually took the time to write a note. WHOA! It was phenomenal.

Take a moment today and be phenomenal.

~I’ll see you tomorrow morning at 9am with your next opportunity to share some love!

Have an idea for ways to bless others without it costing any money? Please comment below!