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Also, don’t forget to pull out the Publix Purple H&B Flyer! We’ve already matched them up with the coupons.

Always skim thru the Parade Magazine or USA Today (depending on in your area) each week! Sometimes they contain high-value coupons (over $2) that are worth saving!

Remember, you can print additional coupons online at Coupons.com, SmartSource.com and RedPlum.com that are different coupons than you find in the Sunday inserts.  These web sites are always adding new coupons, but they are limited in number, so you’ll want to print right away before they are gone!

Note:  There will be differences in some coupons and coupon values regionally. The purpose of posting this preview is to give you an idea of what to expect in your Sunday paper to help you decide how many newspapers to buy. 

Coupons listed in BOLD are high value coupons that should make for a GREAT DEAL when paired with a sale!

Proctor & Gamble Insert (P&G 12/31/17)

$3/1 Align Probiotic Supplement Product, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [49-ct.+]
$2/1 Align Probiotic Supplement Product, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$2/1 Always Discreet Incontinence Liner or Pad, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$2/1 Always Discreet Underwear, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$0.50/1 Always Liners or Wipes, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [20-ct.+ Wipes; 30-ct.+ Liners; Excludes Discreet]
$0.50/1 Always Pads, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [11-ct.+; Excludes Discreet]
$1/1 Always Radiant or Infinity Pads, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [11-ct.+; Excludes Discreet]
$1/1 Bounty Towel Product, exp. 1/27/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [6-ct.+; Includes 2 Huge Roll; Excludes Single Rolls]
$0.50/1 Bounty, Charmin Basic or Charmin Essentials Product, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [Excludes Single Rolls]
$1/1 Charmin, exp. 1/27/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [Mega Roll, Mega Plus or Super Mega Roll Sizes; 4-ct.+]
$5/1 Crest 3D White Glamorous White, 1hr Express, Professional Effects, Flexfit, Gentle Routine, Monthly Whitening Boost, Vivid or Whitestrips with Light, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [Excludes Noticeable White]
$1/1 Crest Mouthwash, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [437-ml./16-oz.+]
$2/1 Crest Toothpaste, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [3-oz.+; Excludes Cavity, Regular, Baking Soda, Tartar Control/protection, F&w Pep gleem and Kids]
FREE Febreze Regular Product wyb Febreze Unstopables or Febreze Product, exp. 1/27/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [Up to $3.29; Excludes Unstopables In Wash Scent Booster]
$2.50/1 Fixodent Adhesive, exp. 1/27/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [Twin or Triple Pack; 1.4-oz.+]
$3/1 Gillette or Venus Razor, exp. 1/27/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [Excludes Disposables]
$3/1 Gillette, Venus, or Daisy Disposable, exp. 1/27/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [2-ct.+; Excludes Sensor2 2-ct. and Daisy 2-ct.]
$1/1 Gillette, Venus, or Satin Care, exp. 1/27/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [5.9-oz.+; Excludes Foamy]
$4/2 Head & Shoulders Products or Clinical Solutions, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [12.8-oz.+ Head & Shoulders]
$2/1 Luvs Diapers, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$1/1 Metamucil Appetite Control Fiber Supplement Product, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$1/1 Metamucil Fiber Supplement Product, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$1/1 Olay Bar, Body Wash, In-shower Body Lotion or Hand and Body Lotion, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [4-ct.+ bars]
$2/1 Olay Eyes Product, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$1/1 Olay Facial Cleanser, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$2/1 Olay Regenerist, Luminous or Total Effects Facial Moisturizer, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$1/1 Old Spice 2-in-1 or Styling Product, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$1/1 Old Spice Body Wash or Bar Soap, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$1/1 Oral-B Adult or Kids Manual Toothbrush, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [Excludes Healthy Clean and Cavity Defense]
$2/1 Pampers Diapers or Easy Ups Training Underwear, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$2/1 Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear or Underjams Absorbent Night Wear, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$1/1 Pantene Expert or Gold Series Product, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$2/2 Pantene Products, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [Excludes Shampoo and Conditioner 6.7-oz., 7.9-oz.]
$5/3 Pantene Products, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [Excludes Shampoo and Conditioner 6.7-oz., 7.9-oz.]
$1.50/1 Pantene Styler or Treatment Product, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$0.50/1 Pepto Bismol Product, exp. 1/27/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$1/1 Prilosec OTC Product, exp. 1/27/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$0.25/1 Puffs Facial Tissues, exp. 1/27/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [Includes Multi-packs; Excludes To-go Singles]
$1/1 Secret or Gillette Clinical, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [1.6-oz.+]
$1/1 Secret, Old Spice, Gillette Antiperspirant/Deodorant, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [2.6-oz.+]
$1/1 Sinex Product, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$1/1 Swiffer Refill, Wetjet Solution or Dust & Shine, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [Excludes Steamboost Starter Kits and Refills]
$1/1 Tampax Pearl or Radiant Tampons, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [16-ct.+]
$1/1 Vaporub Product, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$1/1 Vicks Product, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17) [Excludes Zzzquil, Sinex and Vaporub]
$3/2 Vicks Products, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)
$1/1 ZzzQuil Product, exp. 1/13/18 (P&G 12/31/17)


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