Help! I Can’t Find a Coupon in My Coupon Insert!

Regional DifferencesHave you ever been so excited about a deal that you run to your coupon box and start flipping through the coupon inserts only to find that the coupon is NOT THERE? Yeah, me too. And it’s so disappointing when it is missing!

This is called Regional Differences. And they happen all the time, in every single area of the country. Regional differences are the coupons that vary from paper to paper across the country.

As I find out about a Regional Difference, I identify it on the Store List with an “R” next to the coupon insert source: 

Regional Coupons

See the little “R” next to the date of the coupon insert?! That means that some areas recieved a $0.55 coupon and other areas received a $0.75 coupon and some areas may not have received it at all.

This happens for two reasons:

  1. Manufacturers Don’t Want To Advertise to That Area: Manufacturers release different coupons in different areas of the country. That means some of our newspapers don’t even get the coupon listed at all.
  2. Manufacturers Chose a Different Dollar Amount To Advertise to That Area: Manufacturers will sometimes release a different dollar amount for different regions based on income demographics. That means you might get a $1/2 coupon when your friend in another country, who gets another newspaper, received a $0.50/1 coupon or might have NEVER received the coupon at all. It’s all about marketing!

So what do you do? How can you get that coupon?

If you are planning your shopping trip early enough to get the coupons in the mail, then I have partnered with only ONE coupon clipping company, WizClips. They are the only one that has ethical direct relationships with newspaper companies. You can order your individual coupons from them for about 10¢ each. And they arrive in about 2 days via the First Class USPS mail.

Do not order coupons from eBay or someone on Facebook. Trust me, I receive complaints about fraudulent coupons being sold on them every week.

Different Ads Across the Same Paper

There could be differences in advertisements in different zip codes of the same paper. Some areas are targeted to receive different flyers. This is the problem my area has been experiencing with the special Publix Coupon. Another example; my area still has a Kmart so I receive the Kmart Weekly Ad in my newspaper, but my Mom, who lives across the Bay (in the next county) does not have a Kmart store and therefore she does not receive that weekly advertisement.

~Happy Even Easier Coupon Clipping

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