How To Get A Special Publix Coupon

Every few weeks, Publix gives out a much-coveted store coupon in the newspaper. But only certain zip codes are hand-selected by Publix to receive the coupon.

Publix $5 Off $40 Tilted

How will you know if you can get one or not?
And if you don’t get one, is there any way you can?

Are you getting frustrated when it seems like everyone else is getting those sweet Publix Coupons and you are missing out?! I’ve done some extensive research which just might be able to help you find one! How to get one.

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Why It’s SO Valuable

A lot of people don’t realize that grocery stores have sales within sales. Publix has a weekly sale, plus they have 2 other sales going on at all times inside the Green Grocery and Purple Health & Beauty flyers. Winn Dixie also has extra flyers and special 3 Day events. So while most people think shopping at the grocery store is more expensive than Walmart or Costco/Sam’s it is actually cheaper if you can pay attention and shop from those sales flyers.

Wanna know a secret? I include and combine the sales information for ALL sales going on. So when you look at the one Store list here on TrueCouponing.com you will find the sales from the Publix Weekly Ad, then the best deals out of Green and Purple flyers. That way you can shop with confidence each week that the best deals are on your list without having to look at every single sale flyer! I try to make it Easy Peasy!

Adding in a separate Total-Dollar-Off Coupon to the mix makes it a no brainer to shop at the grocery store to save the most. The Walmart’s, Target’s, Costco’s and Sam’s simply can’t compete when you are saving 12.5% right off the bat by using a $5 Off $40.

Why Isn’t It In Every Area?

These special coupons are a basic marketing tool. Outside of FL Publix has other promotions and outside of the Tampa Bay Area (in areas such as Orlando) the other Marketing Budgets don’t do these special coupons, they spend their money on additional special booklets. And with the BOGO’s, Store Coupons and accepting competitor Q’s this is just another bonus way to save extra money to shop there.

Publix Special Zip Code Image

Where to Find One For Yourself (a Zip Code List)

So here’s the thing, Publix is marketing to deliver the coupons to the zip codes with the most store competition. and since they are not putting that sweet coupon in every area, I’ve reached out readers to compile a nice listing of where the coupons ARE arriving.

That way, you can simply look on the list and if you DO NOT receive it in your home delivered paper, then you can reference this list and check for a zip code near you, then head up to the local gas station, or grocery store and snag a paper. The $1.07 price is WELL WORTH the $5 return on your money.

RED = Publix Coupon Not Found in that zip code
GREEN = Zip Code found either In-Store or in Home Delivery (see notes on list)

Download the entire Zip Code List Here

NOTE: this list is subject to change. If you do not see your zip code listed, and have found a coupon in store, or received it in your home delivered paper, please comment below and I’ll add your info to the list!

Other Places To Get Total-Dollar-Off CouponsPublix Gas Card Deal

Always check the Purple Flyer for a Gift Card Deal, often you can find a savings of $10 when you buy a $50 Visa Gift Card. Note: this typically has a $4.95 activation fee, but that is still a savings of $5.05 off your grocery bill for an item you can use later.

And Publix regularly offers a Gas Card deal as well. That works the same way as a Gift Card Deal. You need to buy $50 worth of groceries, then just buy a $50 Gas Gift Card and they will take $10 off your total. Since I budget for spending the $50 in gas regardless, that $10 comes right off my groceries! PLUS, if you choose a Shell Gas Gift Card, you can double up and combine Fuel Perks from Winn Dixie!

Moving?! Don’t miss the “Welcome Packet” that might have a $5 Off $40 inside! You will never look at “Junk Mail” the same way again!

Dollar General $5 Off CouponWhere to Find A Close Replacement

There are actually several other places to get some $5 Off coupons.

Winn Dixie has been randomly printing them at the bottom of your receipt when you fill out a quick survey. Plus, check that Tuesday “Junk Mail” for any Save-A-Lot or Dollar General Ads because they have also been putting out $5 Total Dollar Off Coupons. Target regularly releases Gift Card Deals too.

You can even check this Publix Competitor List to see which store near you will accept it before you go!

**IMPORTANT** If you have a Publix Store Coupon and want to also use a Competitor Coupon, your total before you pay needs to be the combined total of the TWO coupons. For example, if you are going to use a $5 Off $40 from Winn Dixie along with a Publix $5 Off $40, your total needs to be $80 before you use any coupons!

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