By learning how to maximize my savings through the use of coupons at the Grocery Store, it has sharpened my skills to utilize coupons and sales outside of the Grocery Store…like at Old Navy! Here you will find $112.98 worth of clothing, and I paid out of pocket, only $4.52!

I got 12 items total consisting of: 1 Ladies Hoodie Jacket, 2 Boys Long Sleeved Shirts, 5 Boys Short Sleeved T-Shirts, 2 Boys Shorts and 2 Ladies T-Shirts. Plus, because my total was over $50 I qualified for one $20 “Super Cash” coupon to spend later. Some items were found on the Clearance Rack(s) and then just regular store sales going on.

In the post HERE on Oct 5th I told you about the $50 Gift Card I received when I redeemed my Swag Bucks which is what I used here to get more than $50 worth of Old Navy clothing! I also have an Old Navy Credit Card which sends me promotional coupons and gave me $15 off each $50 purchase (that even states it can be redeemed multiple times!). Here is a close up of my receipt. Bottom Line, I saved $43.46 from Store Sales, $15 from Credit Card Coupon and $50 came from Swag Bucks which amounted to $4.52 Out Of Pocket!

This Sunday and Monday, Old Navy will be having a Great Sale! (we are not allowed to post the details until 10/28, so please check back on Sunday!)

Your in luck…today is “Mega Swagbuck Day!” Register HERE and start earning towards your FREE Money too!

This just makes me excited for Black Friday! Oooo the upcoming possibliites…