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Hurricane Irma just blew through my home town and most of the West Coast of Florida. People were without power for many days. My parents were without power for 5 days and they lost everything inside their refrigerator.

Many people posted images of their refrigerators completely empty due to Irma.

Last week I discussed how to rebuild your stockpile without spending a lot of money. One way to do that is by using coupons. When I gave that suggestion to several of my friends, I received some push back from my friends and family because they have the preconceived notion that couponing takes a ton of time. I’m here to tell you that you can become a coupon expert.

I’d like to give you my best tips for ways to coupon that should save you around $100 per week in less than 2 hours time.

Do you have 2 hours you can carve out if broken up into small segments? What if I told you it could save you upwards of $100 each week?

I say… how can you afford NOT to?!

Well, let’s get to it!

I also spoke about this topic on Fox TV on 9/24/17. Please watch the replay video here:



If you want to become a coupon expert, you need to realize that the majority of the items you will be purchasing are going to be on sale. That’s how you save so much money.

You buy the items when they are on sale AND then add in coupons on top to further discount the product.

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Next Important: Buy Enough

When the item is at that Stock Up Price you have to “stock up” and buy enough to last for your family until it would be back at that Stock Up Price again.


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When you go to buy something, think about how much you will use over the following 3 months. Because if you use the gauge of stocking up with what your family will use in 3 months (12 weeks) then that will ensure you don’t pay full price the next time you need that product.

That means for laundry detergent you might need to buy 6 of them to last your family 3 months.

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Coupon Expert Tip #1. The Obvious Time Saver

The most obvious way to save time when you coupon is to skip the Newspaper and use only Printable Coupons. Because with Printable coupons you are not having to look through multiple file folders to find and cut out coupons.

You can even simply print and not cut them out until you get to the store.

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Coupon Expert Tip #2. Stop Chasing Deals

This could also be called “STAY FOCUSED” because, in order to maximize your time to save, you have to realize that there are a LOT of deals available.

You do this by focusing on shopping at only ONE store.

I know it can get tempting to want to run over to Target for free pens and then head to Walmart for the free coffee or to stop at Walgreens for the free mouthwash. But going to multiple stores will only run you ragged and waste your precious time.

Instead, pick your favorite store and stick with it. All those deals will eventually pop up at your one favorite store as well I promise.

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Coupon Expert Tip #3. Meal Plan Then Coupon Plan

So if you are an avid meal planner, then when you meal plan, your next step should be the coupon database so that you can see what deals are available for the meals you are planning.

Then only look for printable coupons for those ingredients (in other words I would skip using the newspaper for lack of time to dig and cut them out of your coupon box).

Note: This is the opposite of regular couponing because you’re picking coupons based on what’s on your list instead of planning your meals around coupons.

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Coupon Expert Tip #4. Skip The Groceries

Couponing for groceries is what will take a longer time to process.

Instead, while you are short on time, make your couponing list only for basics that you or your family go through frequently.

Stock up on shaving products, hair products, laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies or other household items.

By saving money on the non-groceries you’ll still save plenty of money.

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Coupon Expert Tip #5. Coupon By Area

Another way to save time is to choose one “section” each week and only use coupons for them when you go shopping each week.


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One-week coupon for paper products, the next only for laundry detergent, the next for only dry items (snacks, cereal & baking etc.).
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Coupon Expert Tip #6. Never Pre-Cut Coupons

One of the first strategies I teach my friends is not to cut any coupons when you get the inserts in your newspaper on Sunday.

Simply file them by the Sunday date they arrive in your newspaper and then the coupons are listed with that date on them to make it easy to find them later.

Cutting them now will not save you any time later, it will only waste your time right now.

Instead, once you figure out what you are shopping for, THEN find the file and cut the coupons… be laser focused so you don’t spend any unnecessary time cutting coupons you won’t use.

I know you might think there is no way to add even one more thing to your week, but if you think of the potential it has for saving you so much money, I mean think about what you could do with an extra $100 per week?!

Those savings make it worth it!

Fellow Expert Couponers: Comment below with other ways YOU save time when you coupon!

How To Save Like An Expert Couponer In Less Than 2 Hours Per Week! {How To Save $100 Per Week!}