Winn Dixie New Pricing Structure 2Winn Dixie: Special Announcement
On New Pricing Structure

“Prices Down and Staying Down”. Winn Dixie just recently launched their new ad campaign stating they’re bringing down the prices on hundreds of essentials throughout the store! This could mean a ton of savings for every household, and even more for couponers!

1. Winn Dixie Essentials: Products that most families buy weekly

The new promotion promises to lower the prices on hundreds of everyday essential items throughout the store, and maintain that price level every day of the week, not just for sales or special promotions. Could it be this is what happened to the 3-Day Sale that we loved? Possibly, especially since we haven’t seen it in a while, but the new pricing structure could be even better than the 3-Day Sale because the prices will be the same every day, every week, and predictable pricing is a good, good thing in the coupon world!

Did you know that at almost ANY time you can buy wipes at the Stock Up Price (of 2¢ each wipe) when you see a Huggies $.50 off coupon? Yes, Walmart always offers their 72 count soft side wipes at $1.97, subtract the Huggies $.50 coupon when it comes out and *wala!* you don’t have to wait for a sale, you can stock up at almost any time! Now we will see if Winn Dixie will have a few of those kinds of items too!

Winn Dixie New Pricing Structure2. End of the Pricing Yo-Yo Frustration  

Know what we mean here? One week it’s this price, one week it’s that price, and if it’s BOGO, then sometimes the non-sale price seems higher! Well, it looks like Winn Dixie is hearing us loud and clear. Could it be they’ve watched a lot of frustrated shoppers drive by on their way to Publix or another store for this very reason? Better yet, maybe, just maybe, they’re not only hearing and listening, they have decided to take action to get us back! Will you go? Absolutely ~ Nothing like forgiveness and second chances! According to Winn Dixie corporate management, they will be lowering prices on over 400 items throughout the store, some as much as 50%!

Winn Dixie Pricing Structure Red Hand3. How to Know Which Products Have Lower Prices

Look for the Big Red Hand posted all over the store! When we say all over the store, they are literally all over the store, indicating products that are permanently reduced. If the Red Hand isn’t enough to send you flying to your nearest Winn Dixie, the new ad campaign video should be. All we can say here is, “Move over Dolly Parton, you ain’t got nothin’ on Winn Dixie!”

4. New Pricing Structure is Budget Friendly

As most of you already know, my background is in accounting and I live and breathe by Excel spreadsheets. Yep, I’m a numbers geek, plain and simple! Nothing is more frustrating than to have my pricing all laid out than to get the ad or get to the store to find the prices in my perfectly planned list were wrong! That kind of thing wreaks pure havoc on a gal’s budget, and frugal me who watches every penny is doing cartwheels at the thought of level pricing throughout the store. Sure, I know it isn’t every item, but it IS on the essentials which are things most families buy most on a weekly basis, everything from cheese to chicken. Knowing the exact prices of certain items can be a budget saver, not a budget buster, and THAT makes my spreadsheets smile!

What do you think?
Are you gonna give Winn Dixie a shot
and shop there more often?

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