Are you looking for a DIY holiday centerpiece vase project for Christmas? One that also is very cheap to make?

You’re in the right place!

With Christmas right around the corner, we’re sure you’re preparing your home with all the Christmas decor, Christmas trees, lights, presents, Christmas scents and lots more.

How fun would it be to be able to add ornaments into a centerpiece instead of just on your Christmas tree this year?

While browsing at the Dollar Tree, we grabbed a few packages of ornaments. They had glass or plastic to choose from but I used plastic. You’ll also need a vase and some floating candles and used them to make this beautiful dollar store centerpiece vase ideas.

This project was so easy to do and looks beautiful on the kitchen table. You can also place it in the center of the island, on a mantle, the bathroom and even use it as bedroom decor.

Best of all this project took only minutes to create so you can enjoy the final result in no time at all.

This entire ornament vase centerpiece cost $4 to complete so it’s super cheap! And you’ll have enough supplies to make at least two if you pick up one more centerpiece vase or use a glass container you already have.

It’s a great project to get the family involved since you can use a plastic vase and plastic ornaments! Yay for great family time!

So let’s get busy making this DIY holiday centerpiece to spruce up our holidays!


centerpiece vase

DIY Holiday Centerpiece Vase Supplies:

  • Clear Vase
  • Large Ornaments
  • Small Ornaments
  • Candles to Float (tea lights with aluminum bottoms work just fine)

Ornaments aren’t the only thing you can add to this vase.

Here are some more dollar store centerpiece vase ideas to add to your vase:

  • Cranberries
  • Greenery
  • Tinsel
  • Battery opertated lights (without using the water and the candles)
  • Pinecones
  • Acorns
  • Glitter
  • Large pearls
  • Clear glass marbles
  • Metallic beads
  • Rhinestones
centerpiece vase

Step 1

Take your clear ornament vase centerpiece or clear bowl (whatever you choose to use) and place on a flat surface.

To do the simple ornament vase, we used a mix of our large ornaments and small ornaments and carefully started stacking them in from the bottom to the top.


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Make the colors and sizes of the ornaments in the vase to make the DIY holiday centerpiece pop.

Make sure that they fit well with a little room at the top for the candles.

This dollar store centerpiece vase idea looked gorgeous just like that, but we wanted to add a little more.

centerpiece vase

Step 2

To us, a ornament vase centerpiece vase is meant to be the focal point of a table, and we wanted to add a little candlelight to the mix.

We removed the ornaments from the DIY holiday centerpiece vase.

Next, we carefully filled each ornament with water and placed them back in the vase in the same arrangement as before. (Note: In order to keep the ornaments in the vase they must be filled with water or they will pop out of the top of the vase.)

After they were all filled with water and placed back into the vase, we slowly filled the vase up with water using the sink faucet until the water reached almost to the top of the vase.

We floated vanilla scented candles in the water and lit them to give this centerpiece a real WOW factor.

Comment below if you make one of these dollar store centerpiece vase ideas!

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So as you can see, this project took only minutes to create! And it looks so good!

And this ornament vase centerpiece cost only $4! It’s a super cheap and great looking gift to take to your next holiday party as a hostess gift!

Plus, it’s a great project to get the family involved. Since you can use a plastic vase and plastic ornaments, they’ll be no sharp edges for little fingers to get cut.


Your Turn: What other holidays could you use this centerpiece vase idea for? What else would you put in the centerpiece vase beside ornaments for Christmas? Let me know your ideas below!


centerpiece vase
How To Make A Christmas Ornament & Candle Centerpiece Vase