It’s one holiday we all love!

Not all of us can be as lucky as those living in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon, where they have no sales tax.

Most other states offer a Back To School Sales Tax Holiday the first weekend in August to alleviate a little bit of the extra spending we’ll be doing as our kids go back to school.

The Sales Tax Holiday typically applies to three categories of spending: (1.) Clothing (including shoes), (2.) School Supplies and (3.) Personal Computers

Your individual state determines the limitations of the holiday and whether or not all three categories are included in the holiday.

Here’s a list of each state and what the limitations are for each one.

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Since sales tax is only between 4-9% of your purchase, that’s not a huge saving when you are buying a pack of 50¢ crayons. Plus, there are so many exceptions and exclusions that shopping can be confusing.

Let me tell you the very best deals to purchase during this back to school sales tax holiday so that you can save the most money.


Diapers, Diaper Bag, Baby Clothes & Bibs

The word “clothing” relates to basically anything worn on the body such as clothes, jackets & hats.

Well, this year the legislature clarified that the Sales Tax exemptions also includes diapers which will cost over $800 for each child.


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When you look a little closer at the specific baby-related items that qualify as “clothing,” you’ll find that it also includes Diaper Bags, Baby Clothes, Receiving Blankets and Bibs.

It does not, however, include items related to the crib such as crib blankets or sheets.

Watch for good sales happening on these baby related items in an attempt to win your purchase!

Not Tax-Free during the sales tax holiday: Crib Blankets


Costumes & Bathing Suits

I know it feels a little early to shop for Halloween costumes, but let’s get real for a second… it’ll be here in about 90 days and costumes can be expensive, especially if you have multiple children.

Bathing suits can get expensive also, and you KNOW you’re going to use one! You can even “stock up” and buy one extra now to save it for next season. Saving money should be a holiday!


Sports and Scouts Uniforms

If you are in a club or play sports, or even dance class then you should look into placing an order this coming weekend so you can save your entire team on the Sales Tax!

Not Tax-Free during the sales tax holiday: Pads, Helmets, Balls and Sports Gloves


Employee Uniforms

Sometimes people hear the word “Back To School” Sales Tax Holiday, and they only think about school-aged related things. But Adults are included also.

Do you know someone who wears scrubs? Maybe a Nurse, dental hygienist, or pharmacy assistant? They will not pay tax if they purchase them during the Tax-Free Holiday.

Also included are Maintenance Jumpsuits, any other work-related clothing that is priced under $60 each and uniforms.


Shoes or Boots

Shoes can be expensive (so watch that $60 threshold), so getting them tax-free is gonna be a good time to buy them.

Sports shoes are included too, such as baseball, football or soccer cleats.

Don’t forget that it’s also a great time to stock up on socks and undies – with no tax! Don’t wait till Christmas to do that!

Not Tax-Free during the sales tax holiday: Ice Skates, Roller Blades, Ski Boots and Bowling Shoes


Company Office Supplies

You know that school supplies can also double as company office supplies.

And now is the very best time to buy them…. the best price all year!


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Any individual school supply priced $15 or less are exempt from Sales Tax.

That means almost every school supply will be tax-exempt because almost all of them fall under the $15 each threshold anyway, except expensive calculators.

Not Tax-Free during the sales tax holiday: Books, computer/printer paper, correction tape/fluid and staplers & staples.


Combined Totals Are A-Okay

You’re going to notice a LOT of clothing sales for the Sales Tax Holiday.

And that’s great, because the only thing that matters for the price threshold, is the final price you pay.

For example, if the price of an item is $70, but it’s 20% Off, that reduces the item by $14, making it $56, which is under the $60 threshold and therefore allowing it to be tax-free!

The other nice thing is that you can buy as many “under $60” clothing items (or “under $15” school supplies) as you can afford. There is no combined total, just the individual item total.

So head to those stores with your back to school shopping lists and get ready to save!

It may not add up to much savings unless you are purchasing those bigger items like computers, but every cent saved is better than nothing!


YOUR TURN: Are you planning to go shopping during the sales tax holiday? Tell me what your thoughts are in the comments below!

The Best Deals To Buy During The Back-To-School Sales Tax Holiday