Witches Hats Recipe

Witches Hats Main 9-30

Witches Hats Recipe

Need a Halloween party treat that’s easy and fast? With cookies, kisses and frosting, you’ll have these Witches Hats put together in no time!

Witches Hats Ingredients 9-30

This has got to be one of the easiest recipes ever! Great for those last minute Halloween parties!

Witches Hats Assemble 9-30

Get the kids to help with the hat assembly but don’t be surprised if some of the kisses go missing!

Witches Hats Recipe
Recipe Type: Desserts
  • Fudge covered Cookies (i.e. Grasshoppers, Fudge Stripes)
  • Hershey Kisses
  • Frosting in Halloween Colors
  1. You can either buy colored frosting or get a tub of white frosting and add food coloring.
  2. Transfer icing to piping bag or zippered bag and clip a corner.
  3. If you are using cookies that only have one side fudge covered, make sure that side is facing upwards.
  4. Pipe icing in the middle to act as “glue” and place an unwrapped kiss in the middle.
  5. You can also pipe extra icing around the kiss to even up the look.

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Witches Hats Main 9-30