One of the best things about this ministry is that we get to hear how God uses it to touch the lives of so many people.  What a blessing it is to see a glimpse of how He is using True Couponing!

We want to share the stories and blessings with you, so we have added a Testimonials page to the web site!
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If you have a testimonial, story, picture of a shopping trip or your overflowing pantry, etc., send an email to [email protected] with “Testimonial” in the subject line.  We would love to share your blessing with others!

Savings for Yourself, Blessings for Others!

~ From Laura & Liz

After our TrueCouponing class on Friday night at Christian Church in the Wildwood,  we left some of the newspapers with the $5/$30 coupons  with a woman named Liz, who helped us with the sound and projection that evening.  She planned to visit Publix this weekend in a church logo shirt and hand out the coupons…..below is her amazing story of the lives that were touched!  GOD IS GOOD that is a story is worth sharing!!!

I did what I told you and spent Sunday after first service going to the Mariner Publix. I had about 75 of those coupons. I walked around the store starting at the registers with people who had full carts. I told them that Jesus and Christian Church in the Wildwood loved and wanted them to have this gift of money for their groceries! You should have seen some of the faces. A man was stressed that he wasn’t going to have enough money and I gave him a coupon to make sure he had enough! I saw what looked to be a Grandmother & daughter really trying to find cheap prices on some items they needed. I told them about your TrueCouponing website, CCW and of course, Jesus who told me to give them these coupons so they may have extra money! The lady about cried. She was a single mom with twins, and had no help but her Mom (G-Mom)! So that was a great blessing! I went around the deli where there was a group and witnessed and shared the word and then passed out coupons, while still shopping the people would say thank you in each aisle I passed them. I would just say thank Jesus and visit us at CCW and sometime pay it forward.
It was such a great time of worship! I am so truly blessed that you guys came Friday night and then blessed me with this opportunity to bless others! God is a miracle worker and I am so grateful for the blessings, as simple as a coupon, that can change a person’s life, day, views, thoughts of eternity or whatever!!
That entire Publix store was full of smiles and I know many went home and thought that something good happened to them today. Jesus was shining down on Publix and all that walked in & out those doors. Thanks again for the opportunity to bless!
In Christ’s Almighty Love,

Thank you Laura and Liz for sharing your story and blessing others through TrueCouponing!