One of the best things about this ministry is that we get to hear how God uses it to touch the lives of so many people.  What a blessing it is to see a glimpse of how He is using True Couponing!

We want to share the stories and blessings with you, so we have added a Testimonials page to the web site!
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Savings for Yourself, Blessings for Others!

~ From Krystle

I’m a 22 year old newly wed, whose husband had to quit his job when we entered the Green card application process. Through the first  months of marriage, we were living off my income, while paying for the green card and attorney fees, and my husbands confidence surely took a beating having his new bride be the breadwinner. The struggles of feeling like I was “wearing the pants” plus, barely being able to put food on the table took a toll on my self confidence, as well. Given we hadn’t even been together one year yet, it was difficult to build our relationship when we felt our roles were reversed and there was the feeling of such a financial burden all of the time. One of the women at my church mentioned True Couponing to me,and nudged me to give it a shot.  Praise the Lord she did! Once I got a handle on the coupon policies and following the deals, we were finally able to actually purchase a full week of groceries and still pay the rent! Praise the Lord! I know it seems silly, but being able to confidently have a friend over for lunch without thinking  “we only have one chicken breast left…” and being able to bring an item to the church potluck is such a sense of freedom! Now we are averaging savings 60%+ on our grocery bills, stocked up on free (or nearly free) deodorants, razors, pastas, and many other items. We’ve even carried this over into finding coupons or deals for dinners and services (carpet cleaning, oil change…etc) – but always check reviews first!

We’ve been able to now stock up a few cases of water and granola bars/snack bars to hand out to the homeless from our car.
“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.” Matthew 10:42

Beyond the confidence and financial freedom True Couponing helped us get back, the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the true cause of any change in our situation. Without fervent prayer, fasting, and leaning on His will, we wouldn’t have made it through this time in our lives. We give God all the glory and praise.

Recently my husband was hired as an electronics specialist at a computer retailer, and is loving his new job. Because of our new financial awareness, we are able to budget a future plan for affordable date nights (which is so necessary for a marriage at any stage!), and plan to visit my husbands home country of South Africa next year. I’m even getting my mom into couponing and she’s going to a True Couponing workshop this month! 🙂

Thank you for this wonderful ministry!

God Bless,


Krystle, thank you for sharing you story with True Couponing it is an inspiration to hear how God has touched your lives with a small nudge in church to you blessings others with your surplus!