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Note: Coupon policies can vary by store. We have included competitor coupons in the list below. Publix stores will generally accept coupons from competing stores within a 5 mile radius.

Other Current Sale Items at Publix:

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Manufacturer’s coupons are in RED
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Some of the deals you won’t want to miss this week include:

  • Oreo Cakesters as low as $1.50 each
  • Trident Layer Gum only 12¢ per pack!
  • 4-pk of GE Reveal Light Bulbs only $1
  • Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner as low as 42¢ each!
  • Kraft Block or Shredded cheese as low as 25¢ each!
  • FREE Ritz Munchables!
  • Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs under 50¢ per pack!
  • …and there is MORE below!
  • The Best Deals marked with the True Couponing Shopping Cart.

For our Tampa Bay area readers:
Now through March 27, you can begin collecting items to donate to Feed the Bay. Look for “**FTB**” next to items in our Grocery Store Lists that qualify for donation.
You can read more about Feed the Bay HERE.