Are you looking for the Publix ad usually posted Saturday mornings? Are you missing something? Not yet. Let me explain.

This year I have two high schoolers and one middle schooler. Since that takes a lot of my time, I’m trying to streamline work and homeschooling so that I have truly devoted days to both jobs, blogger and homeschool mom.

I’ll now be working on the Publix list on Monday and will share it with you later Monday afternoon. This will help me keep Friday’s for working on our homeschool projects.

Most people don’t know that there’s a secret coupon blogger network behind the scenes and we often share our store lists with each other.

And since I don’t want to leave you hanging without an early Publix list, if you wanted to look at it early, you can go to my friend Caroline’s website at MyCouponExpert.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Caroline for years. She is a wonderful blogger and dear friend.

But since I know that couponing is only ONE part of your finances, I want to share another secret with you!

Soon I’ll be “officially” announcing that I’m a speaker with the Mamas Talk Money summit at the end of October. It’s a completely FREE online event with over 40 incredible speakers!

Registration won’t officially open until October 7th, but I have a fun bonus for you… Mamas who jump on the waitlist early will get a FREE Mamas Talk Money Digital Toolkit (over 40 pages of worksheets, printables, and tips to help you successfully start to manage your financial goals). Get it HERE.

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