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Hands Free Storage Bag Holder…Great for U-Pick Season!

It’s time to start visiting all of the U-Pick Farms in your area for all that delicious farm-fresh produce! You won’t believe how handy these Hands Free Storage Bag Holders are when you have to bag up what you picked.

Decorate Your Desserts Like a Pro

My kids and I enjoy making cupcakes together. This cake decorating pen kit will let you decorate your cupcakes like a pro!

pepper spray
stun gun

Need Some Personal Protection?

Whether you are shopping, exercising, or just running errands, you need personal protection to be able to defend yourself against a threat.  These are items you buy and hope never to use, but if you have to, your glad you bought it! Plus, it makes you feel more secure when you are in a dark parking lot, doing your coupon shopping late at night!

Clear Migraine Homeopathic Formula

Last year when my sister-in-law was in town, we decided to go to the local pizzeria (Villa Rina) with all eight kids. I had a horrible headache and was not enjoying our time at all. She offered me Clear Migraine and it was either the awesome New Jersey-like pizza or the Migraine headache medicine but my headache disappeared! The pizza was awesome, but I think it was the medicine! So if you have a bad headache, all I can say is, take two of these migraine pills and say bye-bye to the pain.

Car Inverter Charger

Let’s be ready for those long car rides! It’s always nice to have a Car Inverter Charger in the car for extra USB slots. I like this one even better because it has two regular AC outlets as well.

Bamboo Kitchen Tools

My Mom loves bamboo cooking utensils because they don’t stain and bamboo is an eco-friendly renewable resource. I’ve started adding a few to my kitchen too! They’re durable and affordable.

Womens Long Sleeve Chiffon Top

Look at this light and breezy top that’s perfect for summer! Pretty long sleeve chiffon top that’s a great fashion deal for us ladies! Score!

A Few Other Items I Know You’ll Love Too:

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