One of the main reasons people spend money is not out of necessity, or even want, but boredom! So here are some productive things to do when bored instead of spending money.

If you are working with a tight budget this month (or maybe every month), then spending money “for fun” is just not in the cards right now. Spending money without a legitimate reason is not only bad for your wallet, but also your time!

Wandering the stores for items you don’t need, spending hours browsing the internet to get your online shopping fix, and waiting in line at checkout are great ways to waste your time!

Instead of going out or shopping online to buy things you don’t even need, consider these things instead of spending money.

productive things to do when bored

Meal Plan

Meal planning, one of many productive things to do when bored, will save you money instead of spending it!

Plus, you’ll feel super productive too!


Feel Less Stress While Paying Off Debt


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You can plan out your whole week, month, or even a few months if you’d like.

I use these free meal planning printables to get my meals under control each week.

productive things to do when bored

Create A Family Savings Goal

This is a good project to get your whole family involved.

It might not sound like “fun” but creating a savings goal can help make not spending money a little easier.

Decide what your next savings goal should be by brainstorming some ideas with your family.

Do you need to refill your emergency fund, get a new-to-you car, go on a vacation, or save money for Christmas?

How to save $500 in only four weeks!

Once you have an idea in mind, break down your goal even smaller into daily, weekly, and monthly milestones so you can track your progress.

productive things to do when bored

Organize Your Digital Photos

The time has finally come when you can justify taking the time to sit and organize your digital photos. But this is one of those productive things to do when bored. In fact, you will be SO glad you did when you’ve done it. Make several backups in case one digital option fails. For example, we have our photos saved on CD’s as well as several USB Drives.

Plus, you could also take the time to go through boxes of printed photos and put them in albums and put dates or write stories, or, if you are really going overboard, scan them onto digital media.

AND, then you’ll have the fun photos at the forefront of your mind when it comes time to make photo gifts for Christmas.

I have my phone synch my photos to my Amazon Prime Photos account, but every so often I still have to make sure they are there by opening the app and officially “synching” it.

productive things to do when bored

Declutter Your Phone Apps

When was the last time you looked over the apps that are taking up valuable space on your SmartPhone?

And it’s so frustrating when you can’t take a new photo because you’re out of space.

Take some time to declutter your apps by deleting the unused ones and create folders to sort the organize similar apps to be close to each other for when you go to use them. 

productive things to do when bored

Clean Your House

Tough Love Time!

If you have time to waste shopping, you have time to clean.


Feel Less Stress While Paying Off Debt


Download this FREE Guide to have more peace & less stress while getting out of debt.

Having a clean home will not only make you more productive, but it will also help improve the way your home looks and feels!

If you keep up with regular cleaning tasks in your home, look for some areas that need a good deep cleaning. I guarantee there is something that needs your attention. Find some productive things to do when bored that you can clean around your home.

productive things to do when bored

Go For A Walk (or a Bike Ride)

Did you know that it is recommended to get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise in each day? But with all that goes on in a day, how many of us actually do it?

You don’t have to hit the gym or go for a run to get your exercise on! Instead, get the family together and go for a walk in your neighborhood, or even go to the park.

You could even dust off those bikes, pump up the tires and set out for a ride.

You’ll spend quality time together and get your butt off the couch (and away from the mall)!

I promise it will make you feel better about yourself too. And, don’t forget, it’s FREE.

Whether you want to enjoy some time at home for a change or be outside the house for a little while, there are so many things you can do with your time when you choose productive things to do when bored.

And they are way more productive than going shopping. You will not only be able to stay on track with your budget, but you’ll also have a good time by yourself, with your spouse, friends, or even your family!


YOUR TURN: Comment below with other ways to distract yourself so you don’t spend money! I’d love to hear them!

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