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I’ve got a house full of boys, who love watching football on TV, so we always have a few friends over for game day to share a meal together and cheer for our favorite team (usually that is not the same team, so we get a fun competition going). 

But feeding a crowd can get expensive. Especially football party food.

This year my boys asked if we could have a “dry run” on our game day foods so that we could sample all the menu items while we watched the championship games last weekend.

That means I’m paying for TWO football party food weekends.

You know I like to make my money stretch, so I’ve got several ways to save money on the football party food so that you can enjoy the game AND not feel bad about the bill.

Resist The Urge To Order

Pre-made salads, sandwich platters and appetizer platters are easy, but they are also waaaay more expensive than making them at home. Mark up is at least 100%.

Did you know that for the same price as a container of potato salad, you can get the ingredients to make 3 times the amount.


Make Dinner Super Simple


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Let me state that clearer: you can get 3 times the amount of potato salad for the same price as buying it pre-made.

Plus, it tastes better.

Save your money to purchase the snacky finger foods that are harder to make, like chips!

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Don’t Miss Getting Cash Back

One of my favorite ways to save money is to use my phone to get digital rebates.

There are usually savings available for all the ingredients to home make foods.

Plus you can save on frozen or snack foods.

In fact, right now there is an Ibotta rebate available for the RITZ Crisp & Thins I included in my spread this year.

Their Favorite Item On The Plate

Even though I spent over an hour making my not-so-famous potato salad, the most favorite item on everyone’s plate was the RITZ Crisp & Thins crackers.

We had never tried them before but I had the kids with me for a quick errand at Walmart last weekend and they had a sample station for you to test the crackers.

One taste and we were hooked.

All of us.

If you’ve never tasted them before, let me tell you… they are deliciously thin, and oven-baked to perfection.

You feel like you’re eating something really bad-for-you because they taste oh-so-good.

Our favorite flavor was the Cream Cheese and Onion.

But the kids have already asked if we could get the Bacon, Sweet Chili & Sour Cream AND Smoked Chipotle flavors for this weekend when we watch the actual “big game”.

Oh, and right now they are on rollback at Walmart with a 75¢ Ibotta rebate.

When you’re feeding a bunch of people football party foods, you don’t want to spend unnecessarily and waste money. My making some of the foods yourself and using rebates to get cash back you’ll spend less and still get to eat your game day favorites.

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