Decorating your house can be an expensive endeavor.

And with the fun Pinterest projects available, the more DIY projects you can make will save you money.

I’ve found that a combination of shopping at the Dollar Store and knowing how to save when you shop at the Craft Store means you can decorate your house on the cheap.

Here’s how you can save money on fall decorations!

fall decor

Go To The Grocery Store?

Yes! There are hidden decorating items you can conveniently get right at your grocery store.

Pumpkins and squash are the obvious fall choice for decorating.


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And right now they are CHEAP at grocery stores.

Simply pull a cake plate out of your pantry, add some fall ribbon, a little gold glitter, and you’ve got a fall display for super cheap!

fall decor

Shop With a Plan

Just as you know in order to save money you should not go to the grocery store hungry, you cannot go into JoAnn’s without a plan… honestly, I think going into JoAnn’s is like a catching a glimpse of heaven.

But their job is to entice you to buy already made items, or talk you into buying a bunch of lofty best-intention projects that you will never get to accomplish.

Let’s be real, we are NEVER going to be able to do all that stuff…. do NOT get distracted.

Go in for the things you need, get in and get out without spending a fortune.

fall decor

How To Save

Shopping at the Dollar Store is easy, there are things to stay away from and things you should only buy there. But shopping at Craft Stores is slightly more strategic.

Since NOW is the fall season, JoAnn’s, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby both will have fantastic sales to get you to “deck the halls” with everything “fall”.

You need to stay focused on your couponing principles of combining great sales, along with excellent coupons so your wallet doesn’t get away from you and you spend more than you should’ve.

Both JoAnn’s and Michael’s typically put coupons out in their flyer found in the Sunday Newspaper, or you can also sign up for their emails and get on their mailing list in order for them to send you coupons directly to your mailbox.

And don’t forget to download their smartphone app! That usually has a coupon or two that could save you up to 60% Off!

Hobby Lobby has great sales every week and a 40% Off coupon available every week which can be found online or in the app.

fall decor

Two Money Saving Fall Decor Examples:

Here are two decorations I made for less than $6 total.

I made a Fall Decoration to hang on my Front Door and a fun fall leaf bowl!

This took my family about 1 hour prep time, and 24 hours dry time.

We got all the supplies at the Dollar Tree or JoAnn’s (or you could find it at Michael’s) and had a great time putting it together!

Plus, now my house is decorated for fall!

fall decor

Fall Leaf Bowl

To make the leaf bowl, you’ll need a balloon, Mod Podge, and thin fake fall leaves.

Simply paint the inflated balloon with the Mod Podge and add Leaves.

Paint on top of the leaves too and layer around the top of the balloon!

Let dry overnight and in the morning pop the balloon and peel it away from the leaves.


Tiny Steps You Can Take Today To Have More Money Tomorrow

Download this FREE Guide with 5 Solutions to show you how to have more money today.

What’s left behind is a nice little fall bowl!

I put candy in my bowl for the kids but you could add a glass trivet inside and light a candle instead!

fall decor

Thankful & Grateful Door Decoration

To make the Thankful & Grateful Door Decoration, I bought the metal tray at Dollar Tree and took hot glue to write the words thankful & grateful on it.

As my daughter was writing the words, my son sprinkled the glitter on top!

We got a couple of fall swags at JoAnn’s on clearance and added them along with some ribbon to the outside. Easy Peasy!

fall decor

And this is a fun craft project the kids can eat:

Ghostly Marshmallows

I promise every one of your kids will love to make this treat.

What’s not to love? Marshmallows and creative face painting?!!

Just take a bag of marshmallows and use the icing coloring you bought from the craft store to make scary alien spaghetti.

Use toothpicks to draw funny faces on them.

And if it is cold in your area then you can drop them into hot cocoa for a scary treat! OoooooooooOOOOOOOOoooooooooo {that’s my spooky ghost howl}

Need ideas for what to put on the front of the marshmallows? I did a quick google search of “ghost face images”.

Decorating your house can be expensive, but if you use these tips, your house will be decorated in no time!

You’ll be surprised at how pretty it is and for how much you spent!

Your Turn: Let me know your creative ways to save money on Fall Decorations by leaving a comment below!

Fall decor can be really expensive, but don\'t let that stop you! Start with these tips to save money on the fall look you want! #truecouponing #fall #falldecor #diy #savingmoney