It’s the beginning of the month and that means it’s time to check our household stock! Toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, baby or adult wipes, diapers, paper plates, napkins and any other paper products that we use in our homes. It’s cheaper in the long run to buy them online. That saves on time and gas traveling to the stores and it sure makes life so much easier!

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angel soft 1-17Hate to Get Down to the Last Roll!

I hate running out of toilet paper!! It’s the first item on my kids’ chore list for the bathroom…one full roll out and three spares underneath the cabinet. You pay a high fine in my house if this chore isn’t done right!

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Savings for Your Cold and Allergy Season Sniffles

My poor husband has severe allergies this time of the year and at least one of my four always catch a cold. Then it gets passed around the house. Somehow I’m always last to get the cold and that’s when we run out of tissues…AAUUGGHH! This time I ordered ahead and got mine last week!

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One of the Best Inventions Ever! Paper Towels!

I wouldn’t know what to do without paper towels…besides throwing out yucky cloth towels or doing more laundry. I hate waste but I do make exceptions for paper towels. Sorry peeps, but I’m not using clean kitchen towels on yucky kid or animal stuff (you know what I mean). To me it’s worth the cost of cleaning up yuck!

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I Love Wipes! Who’s With Me?

What can I say? Having kids introduced me to baby wipes and I’ve been addicted ever since. I still carry wipes with me even though my youngest is now 10 because they come in handy for cleaning anything where ever I go!

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Funny..but not funny! Running Out of Diapers Away from Home

I was famous for always running out of diapers but never at home, always when I was out. It only took me my first two children to pack the car at the beginning of the week with a fresh bag of diapers. You can never have enough!

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Mom’s Night Off…I Love Paper Plates!

How do you teach your kids about not being wasteful? I did a simple math lesson (yup, homeschool mom) on the cost of paper plates. After the cost analysis of paper plates, they all agreed that it is cheaper to run them through the dishwasher until I did the cost analysis of running the dishwasher. The end result was that I confused all my kids and they use paper plates and regular plates with caution – win win!

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You Have Kids? You Need Napkins!

I guess part of raising boys is having to remind them to use a napkin at every meal! I’m lucky if they remember to set the table with napkins and even luckier if they use them. I am looking forward to the day when I don’t have to remind them!

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