WOW!! Feels like I haven’t been around here much lately…

Here’s what has been going on…I’ve been asleep!

For real…I basically caught a really bad cold, and because of all the sleep deprivation my body could not fight it off…so it shut down and slept (for a total of 11 days). Things started on Tues, Dec 7th, at the conclusion of our Dade City workshop (where they win the “award” for the best-est refreshments at a workshop) it was sooo very cold outside and I could feel something “comin’ on”. It felt kinda like a ton of bricks?! And that was the beginning of a sleep  battle that I would lose. You all know how very little sleep I like to get, well, apparently this sleep deprivation gave my immune system nothing to fight with, so I went down. Down for the count, 11 days, where I would sleep and only come up for air…and to take over-the-counter vitamins and medicine (praise the Lord for Couponing at Walgreens). Today is the first day I felt like I could face the world…when I realized… OH MY GOODNESS, CHRISTMAS is in 2 DAYS!!!! Sooooo the disinfecting of the house began today (Praise the Lord for cheap Lysol wipes at Publix). Up until this past Monday, no one else in the house had it (lucky me). But we are a sharing family, so everyone is now suffering through and I have to tell you, it took 3 trips to the doctors office and some antibiotics to force my body into the repair mode.  So isn’t God neat… that He already planned that Melisha would be on-board to step up and post things while I was out of commission?  {Thanks Melisha!} And also a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped out behind the scenes to keep things flowing!

AND THEN the accident with my Mom-in-Love (sounds better than law) last Saturday, while she was singing in the Living Christmas Tree choir rehearsal when she fainted and fell almost 10 feet down through all the scaffolding and fractured her scull (over her right ear) and burst her eardrum on the way down! They even air flighted her to Bayfront Medical Center to get the best care at their Trauma center. She has bruises from head to toe, but Praise be to God, NO OTHER broken bones. She could have been killed, or paralyzed! We are so grateful to God that she is going to be alright! Thus far she has not needed any surgery, but she has a long road to recovery, THANK you for all the heartfelt prayers, comments, and emails!

It wouldn’t be a post like this without some encouragement from the Good Book itself right?  You know, in both situations, our bodies decided what course of action our lives were to take for the immediate future. Both of us went to sleep and missed some important details (I never sent out any Christmas cards and we will decorate the tree tomorrow), but Psalm 46:1 tells us that “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble”. He knew where we were all along. He never left us. And He will continue to be beside us during the healing process. Mom will especially need Him (she wouldn’t have it any other way).  So as you are getting set for the big day, remember, it all started in a small, non-decorated manger, where the God of all things found us so important that He chose to come and live among us. And still can be exemplified in everything we do today…so please go hug someone you love today and praise the Lord for the ability to hug them!