Tonight on the TLC channel there was a new series called “Extreme Couponing”. Don’t worry if you missed it, the next episode (or a repeat of this one) will air on Jan 10th at 10pm. I know that they do these “Extreme” shows for ratings…but come on. How about just a little bit of real reality?!!  None of the people presented had teenage children (who actually EAT the food that we buy), in fact only one lady, out of the four people featured, had a couple of young children. And they really made us look bad…like the “hoarding” side of things.  They did SLIGHTLY touch on the giving aspect…for example, the 1,000 boxes of cereal that one gentleman bought in his one shopping trip were being donated to his church pantry. Please could we show that you need to LEAVE SOME behind for the rest of the people shopping on that day?

As my family was sitting around talking about things…we discussed that I guess I am NOT an extreme couponer…I am a TRUE Couponer…cute huh?

So, as a TrueCouponer, I want to clarify that this does not have to be ONLY about the lowest amount spent. While a drastic receipt does send chills down my spine, overall, I still spend $200 per month on groceries. Which was EXTREME to my families budget! TrueCouponing is not obsessive, it is integrated into your REAL life. You only need to buy enough to last the 12 week sales cycle and if you miss a deal you know that the deal will come back around (Matt 6:26, He loves us more than the birds and wants what is best for us.). I don’t even cut my coupons until I know what I am buying…no Sunday afternoon cutting and organizing. Just file and cut on the way. And I absolutely don’t have 6 hours to spend on one shopping trip.

Did you watch the show? What do you think? Is this still feasible for you? Need a re-charge to learn the basics? Join us at a training class and see what it is all about HERE. Can’t wait to get started…you can read the cliff notes HERE until you get to a class.

Happy TRUE Couponing!