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Better Buy – Save Your Money

Ever bought something without knowing if you’re getting the best bargain? Should you buy the small container or the large one? How much difference is there in the price between the two?

With today’s economy, and our lives so fast paced, it’s easy just to skip over the calculation and head for the register.

With this application, you can quickly price compare the unit cost of two items, no matter what units they are in – items, weights, or volumes – right there in the store. Just type in the price and quantity, specify the units (including metric units), and it will instantly tell you which item is The Better Buy.

Example uses:
You are shopping at a grocery store and see two containers of milk. The first container costs $1.97 for 32 fluid ounces while the second container costs $2.65 for a 1/2 gallon. Which is the better buy? According to The Better Buy:
The second container is the better buy, costing $0.02 per fluid ounce less than the first container.

You are at a hardware store and need to buy a box of nails. The first box has 500 nails for $17.98 and the second box has 200 for $6.97. Which is the better buy? According to The Better Buy:
The first box is the better buy, costing $0.0011 per item less than the second box.

The Better Buy App is only $1.99 and is available in the iTunes Store!
Smartphones are everywhere!

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