Swag Bucks Swag GuyYou’ve seen us post about SwagBucks frequently, but we realize many of you may not know what SwagBucks are.  So here’s a brief overview to help you understand all about SwagBucks.

What is a SwagBuck? 

SwagBucks are electronic bucks that you earn for searching the web – something that most of us do every day, right? You can then redeem SwagBucks for items such as Amazon.com gift cards, Starbucks gift cards and more.

How Can You Earn SwagBucks?

1. You can earn 30 SwagBucks just by signing up! Go HERE to register!

2. Download the SwagBucks toolbar
When you use the SwagBucks toolbar for searching the Internet, every search is a chance to earn SwagBucks.  There are shortcuts for ways to earn SwagBucks built right into the toolbar, too.  Just click the “Earn” button to explore!

Swag Bucks Toolbar
3.  SwagBucks Blog
You can find free codes daily on the SwagBucks blog.

4. Follow SwagBucks on Twitter and Facebook
You can find more SwagCodes through these sites.

5. Search for pages you visit daily
Instead of bookmarking the sites you go to, bookmark a SwagBucks search for that site.
For example:  Instead of setting a bookmark to your “favorite homepage”, go to SwagBucks, search for your “favorite homepage” and then bookmark the URL of that search. Now every time you open your browser it will automatically search for your homepage and you will be searching extra!

6. Shop online, complete special offers, play games or even watch videos
You can find all of these options and more under the “Earn” category at the top of the SwagBucks page.

Advanced Tricks

1.   Friday is MEGA SwagBucks day.  You have a greater chance of earning a high value SwagBuck every Friday.  I have gotten $20’s and $50’s in the past!

2. You will probably only win a maximum of 4 times a day, so after that just chill out a bit so you don’t get burnt out. It can get addicting searching for ANOTHER SwagCode (*you have been warned*). Some say that there is a limit per amount of time, and that spreading your searches out will help.  Try searching a little in the morning, afternoon and evening.

3. After you reach your 4 wins for the day, log out of SwagBucks and clear your browsing history and cookies.

I’ve been “Swagging” for a couple years now.  I remember my first $5 Amazon gift card (redeemed with 450 SwagBucks), only took me about 2 weeks to earn.  Start earning your own right now!!!