Kati & Melisha TC shirtsWe are so grateful for our readers! Thank you for the help, dedication and allowing us the opportunity to serve you.

This website was started back in Dec 2009 when Kati’s Aunt (Hi Tutu!) came down for Christmas and saw her struggling to send out emails to friends letting them know what deals she thought were good that week! As we continued to grow, readers started sending in deals relating to other aspects besides groceries. We realized that saving money could impact all our household spending, not just groceries. So then we started alerting readers to deals on gifts, recreation and entertainment. There were 85 people on that little email list, and today (after God’s explosive power) we are approaching 30,000.  Wow!

With more readers come more needs. THANK YOU for helping us respond to comments on the individual posts! It absolutely warms our hearts to see that readers are interacting with each other to help answer questions. {And it saves us a TON of time, too!}

How You Can Help Support the Ministry of True Couponing

At our free workshops we get the opportunity to meet lots of people who have been using the True Couponing method.  Many of them are so grateful for the free website and how they have learned to save money on their groceries and household expenses, that they ask how they can help support this ministry. Listed below are some ways you can support True Couponing.

~Pray for Us & Pass Us Along ~

  • Pray for TrueCouponing. We know that the most important thing is to be in God’s will. Please lift up a quick prayer that we are following God’s will and being used by Him.
  • Print and hand out these “business” cards to your friends and family members. Advertisers pay us when you print our coupons…yes, it is a very (very) small amount, but the more people who use our site, the more we earn. It helps with website expenses! There is power in numbers.
  • Bring a friend to a workshop! View our upcoming schedule HERE.
  • Download our App! If you like using our free app, leave a good review and Star Rating! The more downloads and reviews we have, the better our app will show up as others search for apps. Android devices HERE, Apple devices HERE.
  • “Like” us on Facebook, Share our posts with your friends! One easy thing to share right now is our Concert Giveaway!

~Check out our Online Store~

  • Coupon Slicers – Cut your coupons with ease! Only slices through one sheet of paper and make cutting that coupon from the center of the page sooo much easier than scissors. Magnetic, so you can keep it on the fridge and always know where it is! Bribe  your children to help you cut your coupons by getting each family member their own! $4 each (bulk discount available)
  • Reusable Bags – Be a eco-friendly, responsible shopper by bringing in your own bag! And it’s cute too! Plus, if you shop at Whole Foods or Target, you’ll get $0.05 back for each one you bring and show them!
  • Discounted Newspaper Subscriptions – We have negotiated discounts for some local papers. Please utilize them! We have relationships that allow us to get promoted in the paper if we co-promote them.
  • Check out all our Couponing Tools HERE.

~Small Business Advertising~

  • Do you have a small online business that would fit our audience? Contact us to help promote your business with a giveaway!
  • While we are located in the Central Florida area, we reach all states and would love the opportunity to look at your products and see if it is a fit for our readership.
    *Caveat* We are not willing to sacrifice our values and promote anything that is not a good deal or compromises our mission to bless others, so we reserve the right to refuse your offer. Thank you for understanding.
  • Do you have a business in mind that we might be able to contact as a Corporate Sponsor? Please let us know!
  • Contact us HERE to tell us what your business is all about.

~Box Tops for Education~

  • While this does not benefit us directly, Kati’s home school group qualifies as a private school, and BoxTops helps reduce the cost of the sports programs in which our children participate. If you do not personally have a school to support, we would gladly accept your BoxTops to help ours!
  • Our address is: 3433 Lithia Pinecrest Road #309, Valrico, FL 33596

~Host a TrueCouponing Workshop~

  • FREE for the venue and FREE for the attendees. We just ask for some very light refreshments such as cookies and lemonade to be served (to help aid the brain with processing all the information we present).
  • Great way to reach out to the community for your church!
  • Awesome way to bless others and promote your food pantry!
  • Contact us HERE to get on the calendar.

Thank you so much for using TrueCouponing!
We love what we do and enjoy sharing it with you.