If you are having trouble reading our content from Facebook or if links are not working from Facebook, you are not alone! Facebook is constantly updating their format, and it can be frustrating when you see a deal you want but you can’t get to it.

Here’s a quick fix to get you from Facebook to TrueCouponing.com and the deal you want!

Getting from Facebook to TrueCouponing.com

  1. When you see a deal posted by True Couponing on Facebook and you want more information or to order the product, click the link posted. It should be close to the top and appear blue in color.Facebook Link to TC
  2. Next, look for the option at the bottom of your screen to open the link in a browser. In the current Facebook app it appears at the bottom of the screen and looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing up. See image below.Open in Browser
  3. Now you’ll be directly on the TrueCouponing.com, and all the links should work great for you!

    TC on mobile

~Happy shopping and deal finding with us on TrueCouponing.com!