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Today’s question comes from Tobey (and several others)…


“Where can I get the Conagra Rediscover Family Coupon Booklet?


Several times a year Conagra offers a “rebate coupon offer”.  In order to get these coupons, you have to purchase a set amount of Conagra products then submit your receipts before a given deadline by mail.  When these rebates are available, we will post and let you know about them.  (See a previous post HERE.)

Their most recent offer expired 3/31/11 and had to be mailed in my 4/15/11.  If you missed it, don’t worry!  There will be another offer!

To be ready for such offers, we recommend filing your grocery store receipts by month.  When an offer like this comes around, just go to your monthly receipt file and see if you have already bought the qualifying items.

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