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Today’s question comes from a Basic Workshop this past week…


“How many $5 off $50’s can I use when I get to the checkout register?”


ONE! Per Transaction… So, when you are *about* to get up to the checkout lane, you pull your cart aside and make the last final check through your items and coupons. Stack your coupons in the correct order (see workshop handout) and pair like items together in case the cashier needs to verify the number of items you are purchasing against the coupons you are using. Then as you get into the lane, mention to the cashier that you will be paying 1 or 2 times depending on the number of $5 off $50’s you have.
You can use (1) Store $5/$50 and (1) Competitor $5/$50 per Transaction (per time you pay). So if you have a Winn Dixie $5/$50 and a Publix $5/$50 and you are shopping at Publix, you can use them both in one purchase. BUT if you are at Sweetbay…then  you will need to separate them into Two Transactions (because they are both competitor coupons).
It used to be that you could use (1) per $50 increment of groceries you were buying…but unfortunately that is no longer the case. Now, if you have more than one $5/$50 with you, just separate out $50+ worth of groceries and pay separately. **Make sure that you read the fine print.** The Albertson’s $5/$50 states it must be used AFTER all coupons, so then you would need more items to increase your total bill so that the final amount spent was $50 – $5 = $45. It is only fair for Publix and Sweetbay to utilize the Albertson’s coupon the way it was intended (and this is the same way it has been worded since 2007 when I started couponing).
Some stores have been known to ask you to exit the store and come back inside in order to pay a third or fourth time. That is why I suggest only bringing (2) of these type coupons with you to begin with. Too many transactions can be draining and frustrating. Remember, we are not the extreme couponers…we are True Couponers!!!

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